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Tarot Reflections

December 15, 2004

Meditation: Ten of Cups
Michelle Swan, Tarot Reader

Michelle Swan is a Tarot Reader and actress from The Bronx, New York. She fell in love with Tarot cards about four years ago, and has been a devoted lover ever since that time. Michelle has found her personal and spiritual development has flourished with the use of Tarot.

"I am delighted to write the Tarot Meditations and I hope you all enjoy reading them as well. Bright blessings to all!"

Michelle can be reached via email:


There is a swirl of aqua lights that dance around you, clearing all negative energy and thoughts swirling around you. When you are relaxed, we can begin.

Sunset lingers in the sky. You are outside in your favorite spot in nature. This can be a real or imagined place. In this place, you feel safe. The crisp almost night air makes the red and orange leaves dance in the air. You look up and see a rainbow light up the sky as the sun disappears. You notice something different about this rainbow. It’s really ten cups in shades of blue from midnight to aqua. The cups begin to tip and water shoots out of all of them. The water is alive and it rains down up upon you. You’re being rained love all around you and within. Whatever pain, hurts, grief, anger or any other heavier emotions you have been carrying seem to disappear. The water is cool and energetic to you. Whatever emotions come to the surface, just let it. Let the ten cups heal you and make you stronger. The water stops. The ten cups are gone, to be replaced by ten bright stars in the sky. You aren’t wet from the water, just refreshed.

Something tugs at your left. You see a beautiful child dressed in blue jeans and a sky blue shirt with the word “Dream” on it standing there. Her/His eyes are luminous and deep as the ocean.

“Follow the ocean to the land of dreams and mysteries. Are you ready?” says the child.

“Yes, I am,” you reply.

“Walk the sunset to the edge of the ocean, you will find us.”

“There is no edge of the ocean,” you reply.

The child just smiles. “If you believe, you will find us.”

The child gives you a quick kiss and skips off now into the dark night. You wave goodbye and head back to your reality. You count to ten. When you reach ten, you are back in your world.

How was your journey with the ten of cups? Record and reflect on this in your Tarot journal. Spend the next two weeks thinking of how you can find healing, peace and happiness in your life despite whatever pain or obstacles life is throwing your way.


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