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Tarot Reflections

  December 2005

James Wells

James Wells is a Toronto-based tarot consultant, reiki master, writer, and workshop facilitator/teacher. He has been working, living, and playing with tarot since 1979. His choice-focused, proactive style make him a popular practitioner and presenter, at home and abroad. James's mission is to assist humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.

Please visit James' website: Assisting humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.


Dear Friends,

For the final month of 2005, we'll gain our insights from the Morgan-Greer tarot deck, a set of cards rich with color and with no borders. The images go right to the edge and join the "real" world of everyday life.

ARIES. High Priestess, reversed. December is all about intuition, inner guidance, dreams, and personal spirituality. Your Deep Self is working/playing overtime to put you in touch with Source in a way that's personal rather than pre-fab. It's a soulcentric month during which you are enriched by ancient concepts of wholeness.

TAURUS. Hierophant, upright. Unlike your Aries brothers & sisters, you're more aligned with an "official" _expression of spirituality. You find it comforting that there's something tried and true to hang your ideas from. You may find yourself connected with teachers, therapists, and those who write the rules books. It's also a good month for teaching or mentoring others.

GEMINI. Tower, reversed. December brings radical inner shifts, big changes with regard to self-perception, and your personal beliefs undergoing a shaking up. You could be cheesed off with someone, but not letting them know. Be careful that your bottled up feelings find healthy, creative expression. There are people around you who don't understand your earthshaking new point of view, so you could find yourself the target for their anger. Oh well ... their feelings are not your responsibility.

CANCER. 10 of Rods, upright. It's time out from your usual roles so that you can complete picky menial tasks. This is OK -- if you get it all done now, you won't carry your burdens into the New Year. The Mary Poppins song "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" comes to mind. In other words, sometimes a task can become a joy or a game. Treat work as fun and know when to take a break. Before you know it, it'll all be done!

LEO. Knight of Pentacles, reversed. In spite of the commercial hoo-haw that December thrusts on you, you manage to stay on track with regard to personal finances. You're more focused and grounded in practical matters than you've been in some time. You're also questing for inner, psychological security, possibly by experimenting with physical activities and food intake.

VIRGO. Queen of Swords, upright. It's time for tough love, Virgo. Your words may be sharp, but they come from the heart. And you're able to deliver the information in a mature, grown-up manner. You're acquiring excellent communication skills and people admire you for your knowledge.

LIBRA. Devil, upright. Nothing like meeting your personal demons face-to-face, is there, Libra? You and those around you are playing devil's advocate with one another, stretching each other, ticking each other off. But through it all, you're learning about good boundaries. Are your limitations prisons and shackles? Or are they protective moats and picket fences that keep you from overindulging? You have the chance to deal with fears about material well-being. Quite a month, no?

SCORPIO. 2 of Rods, upright. As monarch of your own castle this month, you're charting courses and giving orders about how they should be traversed. Your leadership, independence, and role are validated by the people and situations you encounter in December. Short journeys prove profitable.

SAGITTARIUS. Knight of Rods, reversed. This is a month to focus on self-growth, perhaps by mentally traveling back to childhood (hypnotic regression?) and/or examining childhood wishes & disappointments. December is also a great time to imbibe in life-energy -- get a reiki treatment, buy a tai chi video, attend a healing circle. It's all about YOU, Sagittarius, not in a selfish way, but rather in a selfly way. Soak up those compliments gratefully!

CAPRICORN. 6 of Pentacles, reversed. A fairly stable month, dear Goats. Your sense of psychological groundedness courses through you reliably, money that's owed to you finds its way back into your pockets, and your health looks balanced. Aahh ... 'nuff said.

AQUARIUS. 7 of Swords, upright. Curious and innovative, this is a great time to experiment with ideas, play with communication tools (especially after the Mercury retrograde), and expand your network. You're sorting out which information and networks are useful to take along with you and which are extraneous and therefore destined for the circular file. How to decide? Picture yourself in the desert, Aquarius. What information and networks would you need here? Here's your answer.

PISCES. Strength, reversed. Your inner fortitude draws power from the forces of nature -- outdoor activities, meditations on the elements, connecting with power animals, etc. -- and/or from your sweet companion animal(s). You've survived challenging emotional and psychological circumstances and look how strong you've become! This radiates to people in your one-on-one interactions with them. Your capacity to show yourself how strong you are inspires others by osmosis!

My friends, however you celebrate the birth of the light at this time of year, may your holiday be wondrous!

All good things,


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