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Tarot Reflections

December 2005

A Spiritual Journey with Tarot: The Empress
Gary Meister, CTM

Gary Meister has been studying Tarot from several different viewpoints for the past 25 years. Certified for over 20 years, Gary is a member of the ATA and a Certified Tarot Master (CTM) recognized by The Tarot Certification Board of America. Gary also holds a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in the "Intuitive Tarot" course from

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Tarot is an excellent tool for meditation to enhance spiritual growth. With Tarot, in our readings we each have subtly different meanings for the different cards, meanings which work well for ourselves better than anyone else’s. Spiritual Tarot works the same way. We each have our own path and we each see subtly different things in the Major Arcana cards to help us along that path.

With this series I’m sharing my journey, in hopes that it might help to shine a little light on yours.

The Empress sits on a well-cushioned throne in the middle of a bountiful garden. Her white gown is decorated with a print of red roses. In her right hand she holds up a golden scepter, topped with a golden ball. There are green trees behind her and a field of golden wheat in front of her. A pillow behind her is decorated with symbols of Venus, as is what appears to be a heart pillow beside her. She wears a crown of twelve six-pointed stars. She is the symbol of an important phase of what we create. Although it is not clearly shown, Tarot mythology says that she is pregnant, a symbol, of course, of creativity. She is the Earth Mother, the womb through which all is created.

Where The Magician was attention, and The High Priestess was subconscious and memory, the Empress stands for Creative Imagination. This is a great tool in programming our Mind to create that which we desire. The word desire is actually a contraction of two words, de (from) and sire (father). So the word desire translates as from The Father. In other words, since each of us is an individualized expression of The Father, The Source, Universal Mind (or whatever term you prefer for The Deity), we have the in-born right to fulfill our desires, for The Father is within us, is us.

So, back to creative imagination ... Last time I talked about the subconscious mind remembering everything we tell it and doing its best to bring those circumstances into manifestation. This time, we’ll talk about the very best way to plant these ideas into our subconscious: visualization, another word for the imagination. Subconscious reacts very strongly to that which it sees. An interesting thing, here, is that it can’t tell the difference between what is seen by the eyes and what is seen within the mind, the imagination. When we visualize something, subconscious sees it as an actual fact and goes to work to create it for us. It’s easy to understand that it’s a very good idea not to spend much time on imagining all the things that might go wrong -- because they will! Now, how do we use this potent tool to utilize the creative powers within us to our advantage? We visualize what we want in a controlled manner.

When you want to bring something into your reality, build up a clear picture of what you want. What will it feel like to hold it, or use it? See yourself as having this thing or situation. Be sure to put yourself in the picture. Otherwise subconscious could create this situation or thing just about anywhere. You want it for yourself, so see yourself as having it. Now, it is very important to make this visualization real in your mind. Don’t think, “This will be mine,” think, “This is mine, now.” And, very important, don’t let any doubts enter your mind. If they do, erase them as quickly as you become aware of them.

We each are an integral part of Universal Intelligence, and this Intelligence wants us to be happy. This adds happiness to Itself. What we need to do is let It know what we want (not what we don’t want) and It will bring it to us.

When I meditate upon the Empress, it reminds me that I am a part of the God-Presence and, as long as I make it clear what I desire, and it doesn't hurt anyone else, that Presence will create it in my reality.

That’s what the Empress says to me.


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