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Tarot Reflections

December 2005

My Inner Angel

My Inner Angel is the monthly contribution of a group of dedicated Tarot readers/lovers.

This group of friends taps from the Tarot wisdom each month, with the aim of channeling the vibes of the universe.

Some cards are drawn for the month to come, and these cards are synthesized into a poem and an article elaborating a little more on the poem's messages.

The members of the group are:
Arielle S.
Bev C.
Dennis C.
Hic C.
Mark M.
Maureen M.
Pablo L.
Peggy G.
Vasiliki P.


Cards and Initial Comments for December

From the Tiny Universal Waite - Ten of Pentacles

Be grateful for the abundance.
Share your riches the more you can.
What multiplies blessings is free giving.
What lightens your moments is the awareness of your impermanence.

From the Rider Waite Tarot - Queen of Cups

This is the card of stillness

The softest thing on earth
Wears away diamond,
What is without substance
Penetrates solid rock,
Herein, I see the Power of non-action.

It's a difficult concept
The strength of stillness.

Sum Card

10 +13 = 23
The Ace of Wands

The Hierophant
Finding one's inner and unique values


Take it all.

My gifts
my dreams
my being.

What is not given

What is happily offered
forever lives.

The spring of love
never runs dry,

not even at times when
have invaded the day.

These waters have always cleansed me
of my pettiness.

This light
would not be glowing
without the price of pain.


There are so many of us who have been through a tough year. Yet, focusing on one's misfortunes and sorrows does nothing but prolong the feeling of helplessness and despair, which is an artificial feeling. For the blessings we have, we, the ones with overall good physical health, the homes, the beloveds, even the PCs, always outnumber what most of our fellow-beings on this planet would ever dream of.

It is important that this month we feel the waters of innocence cleanse us of our petty thoughts, wishes and deeds. It is also important that we remember to wish love and personal fulfillment to all people we know, and these gifts should not be our own definition of what love and personal fulfillment should be like, but theirs.

May we have all taken the valuable lesson this year had in store for us.


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