Audacious Action Angels Oracle

Review by Terri Clement


Audacious Action Angels Oracle created by Helen Michaels and Lorraine Roe

Published by Schiffer Publishing, LTD.,

ISBN:  978-0-7643-3909-7

…anytime, anywhere you can ask them for help, hints, humor, or hugs.  Just pull out the AAA Oracle deck to get your training plan.

--Quote from the companion book.

If you are looking for something fun, feminine, and quirky, then maybe the Audacious Action Angels Oracle by Helen Michaels and Lorraine Roe might be right up your alley.

The 44-card deck is packaged in a small but sturdy, brightly colored cardboard box with a magnetic closure and comes with a small 96 page paperback companion book.  

The cards measure 2 ¾” wide x 4 ½” tall.  The navy blue borders measure ¼” on the sides and a ½” on the top and bottom.  Inside the border at the bottom of the image is a ½” colored banner containing the card title.  

The card backs are not reversible friendly, however the deck is meant to be read in the upright position.  The card back borders measure the same as the front side however the border on this side is hot pink.  The image is of the back side of an angel standing on top of the world, looking out into the heavens.  The angel is wearing hot pink tights, thigh high boots and a white mini skirt.  The angel has long white wings that almost reach her ankles.  In the middle of her torso is a gold oval with 3 A's in the center.


The images are printed on flexible cardstock with a glossy finish.  The card edges are finished off nicely with no rough spots.  The cards themselves feel a bit stiff during shuffling but that should work itself out with routine use.

The artistry is a blend that I would call whimsical abstract.  Each image is designed to be a metaphor to be used for “spiritual personal training.”  The bold color choices seem to make the images “pop” out of the card.  

One of my favorite cards in the deck is titled Which?.  This card features the eyes of an owl that is wearing a witch’s hat.  In the background there is a dirt path, lined with leafless trees.  The key phrases for this card are:  “The eyes have it.  You know which choice to make when you use true vision.”  

Another fun image is titled Grape Stomping.  The image reminds me of the old I Love Lucy episode where Lucy is stomping grapes.  Instead here we have a dark haired woman wearing a plum colored dress stomping grapes in a wine barrel.  The key phrases for this card are:  “GET READY, GET SET, GET SLOPPY!  This is the messy part of the journey.”

The companion book, though small, contains quite a bit of information.  It gives a brief introduction to the deck, the author and artist.  The book contains 5 unique spread ideas titled:  V Spread, 3 Wishes, Passion Play, Yes, Spread ‘Em and Rocket Ship Spread.  The remainder of the book features black and white images of the cards, key phrases and interpretation for each.  The interpretations give the reader the opportunity to take “doable” steps to living life in a more inspired and passionate way.

Overall, this deck is a entertaining way to connect with your Angels and the Divine, though I would definitely rate this deck “M” for Mature Audiences Only; while there is no nudity in the deck, there are sexual references and innuendos in some of the titles and the companion book.  I would not recommend this deck for youngsters, nor would I recommend using it with sensitive clients.  This could be a fun deck to share with close friends and intimate partners.

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