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December 1, 2004

Gems of Self-Publication: A Fool and Her Friends
Valerie Sim, CTGM




A Fool and Her Friends Deck and Calendar
By Sally Anne Stephen

This calendar is based on the deck of the same name created by Sally Anne Stephen using PhotoShop 4. (See In her words, “It's a 26 card digital collage deck, with the 22 Major Arcana and 4 Elemental cards. Each of the cards is dedicated to one of the friends that I've come to know through my involvement with Tarot. Most of these friendships were initially made online, but I've been fortunate to have met a majority of these people in person as well (18...counting myself as the Fool!)”

This Majors-only deck is unusual in that it includes not just the Majors but the four Aces/Elemental cards as well (something I have seen previously only in the Mary-El Tarot.) Ms. Stephen writes: “After I finished the Majors earlier this year, I decided that although it was never my plan to include a Minor Arcana (22 cards kind of tapped my coterie of friends as it was) I did feel a need to produce some cards that could tap into the energy of the Minors and give the deck more depth for readings. So I decided to make four Elemental cards to serve as 'gateways' to the Minor suits. Each of these cards are dedicated to artists I know who were/are creating decks or Tarot art of their own during the same time I was making my cards.” People who enjoy this deck will doubtless want to pursue the links suggested by the Elemental cards in order to see the work of the four artists who inspired these cards.

Soon the deck will be offered for sale in 2 different limited edition options, a 4"x6" unlaminated 'art card' pack and a slightly smaller size (3 1/3"x5") hand laminated deck with a handmade pouch. Please contact the artist at to get up-to-the-minute details about the deck.

To purchase the calendar and other Fool and Her Friends goodies immediately, go to Café Express and place your order at I think that you will enjoy the deck and may want to purchase other Tarot goodies to accompany it. I find Ms. Stephen’s take on the Tarot refreshing … and that would be the case even if I were not proud to be one of this special lady's Tarot friends. ;-)


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