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Tarot Reflections

November 2005

A Spiritual Journey with Tarot: The High Priestess
Gary Meister, CTM

Gary Meister has been studying Tarot from several different viewpoints for the past 25 years. Certified for over 20 years, Gary is a member of the ATA and a Certified Tarot Master (CTM) recognized by The Tarot Certification Board of America. Gary also holds a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in the "Intuitive Tarot" course from

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Tarot is an excellent tool for meditation to enhance spiritual growth. With Tarot, in our readings we each have subtly different meanings for the different cards, meanings which work well for ourselves better than anyone else’s. Spiritual Tarot works the same way. We each have our own path and we each see subtly different things in the Major Arcana cards to help us along that path.

With this series I’m sharing my journey, in hopes that it might help to shine a little light on yours.

The High Priestess sits on a stone cube between two pillars, one black, one white. The pillars represent polarity, showing that there is a positive and negative pole to all forms of energy, including the creative energy that constantly creates the Universe. She represents the subconscious mind. There is a veil behind her decorated with palms and pomegranates, symbols of the male and female principles, indicating that subconsciousness can be creative. A solar (equal-armed) cross decorates her breast, again symbolizing the positive (male) and negative (female) principles in action. On her crown and at her feet are symbols of the moon, reflective light, indicating that subconsciousness reflects back to us that which we have given it to remember. On her lap she holds a scroll, representing the combined knowledge of our lifetime which she keeps for us.

The subconscious mind remembers everything it experiences; it never forgets. It can make mistakes only if we have fed it with false information; even then, it remembers it perfectly. And, as all those male/female symbols indicate, subconsciousness creates our reality. It creates exactly what we tell it. If we tell it the world we live in is unfair and cruel, it creates that world for us - perfectly. Unfortunately, that is what most of us tell it. The “up” side is, if we tell it we live in an exciting, and, ultimately, fair world, it creates that for us just as perfectly. The fact is, we create our own reality, through our subconscious mind, or at least the Creative Principle behind that mind.

When I meditate on the High Priestess it reminds me to keep a close eye on what I’m telling my subconscious mind from day to day. Am I giving it the information I really want to see in my life, or am I giving it just the opposite? I can tell the answer to that by looking at my life. Am I happy with it, or not? I have to remember, whatever is in my life, I created it by the information I gave my subconscious mind. Be careful of your thoughts; they become your reality.

That’s what the High Priestess means to me.


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