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  November 1, 2003

ATA Announcement: Reader Resources
Rickey Hite, Membership Director

Contact Info:

Rickey Hite
ATA Membership Director



2901 Richmond Rd Ste 130 #123
Lexington KY 40509-1763



We get occasional inquiries at ATA Headquarters from clients looking to hire readers, authors and reporters wanting to interview readers, students looking for tarot classes or events, and those seeking to network with ATA members locally.

We would like to connect these people with ATA members who can help them most, but our privacy policy prohibits us from releasing your information without your permission. If you are willing to let us promote your services to other interested parties - or would like us to get their information to you - please contact us with the following information:

* Types of services offered - research information, media interviews, classes, readings, networking with other members, etc.

* Acceptable method(s) of contact - what info you are willing to release, or how we can get their info to you.

* Areas of contact - nearest major cities, how far you are willing to travel.

* Any contact limitations or restrictions, including who may contact you and when.

With your help, we can become a resource not only for our members, but for everyone interested in tarot.


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