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Tarot Reflections

October 2005

My Inner Angel

My Inner Angel is the monthly contribution of a group of dedicated Tarot readers/lovers.

This group of friends taps from the Tarot wisdom each month, with the aim of channeling the vibes of the universe.

Some cards are drawn for the month to come, and these cards are synthesized into a poem and an article elaborating a little more on the poem's messages.

The members of the group are:
Arielle S.
Bev C.
Dennis C.
Hic C.
Mark M.
Maureen M.
Pablo L.
Peggy G.
Vasiliki P.


Cards and initial comments for October

From the Halloween Tarot - Ten of Pumpkins
Sometimes we must march forth without being able to see clearly either – just working on pure faith and hope. And sometimes that faith and hope pay off big and we are given what we have dreamed of.

From the Tiny Universal Waite - Queen of Pentacles reversed
There is a lesson to be learned.
Until it is learned well…
What you are lacking is not
Nor is it truthfulness,
Willingness to accept,
What you are lacking is simple,
Yet fearsome.
What you are lacking is

From the Voyager Tarot - Balance (VIII) reversed
Going with the laws of nature rather than with the laws of the culture — even if it means making great sacrifices. This card seems to represent a different kind of balance — more of a flow than balance, really. Like a wave — going with a wave, a giant wave — moving in and then moving out — and letting Nature be the guide rather than the laws of humankind. Moving with the ways — the waves of Nature and crashing through the barriers that have been built by ego.

October is a time to remember that no matter how we may try, we can never change or prohibit the power of Nature. We are, and always will be in Her Way.

From the Raider Waite Tarot - Six of Cups
The card of innocence, the Six of Cups encourages us to retain our childlike wonder.

Sum Card

10 + 13 + 8 + 6 = 37; 3+7= 10
10/1 The Wheel of Fortune and The Magician


There comes an end
In all human-made

Possessing is an illusion
All comes and goes
Through our open arms

For it is nature who decides
Who the ones to live will be
And who the ones to die

And yet, life is so beautiful
With all its grieves, and losses, and farewells
It is always reborn,
Out of the seed of undying love.


These are hard times for so many people, my dear friends, on both a personal and a universal level.

These are times of loss, sacrifice, mourning. People all around the globe can feel the impact of man's choices, and the rage of nature. Believing that we hold the keys to this planet's future is an illusion. Believing that we are entitled to determine other people's future is vanity.

Wanting to expand beyond our humble human limits inevitably brings about loss. Perhaps, a point to start from, again, could be … simpleness. The return to simple, yet eternal truths. Peace, solidarity, acceptance. Faith. Hope. Love. Let's dream about them tonight. And let's start defending them from tomorrow on.


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