Secrets of Tarot Numerology: Lesson 7

By Gary Meister

A person can spend a lifetime studying the Tarot, and still never know all there is to know.  But – you don’t have to spend a lifetime before you can start doing meaningful Tarot card readings for yourself and your friends and relatives.  You don’t even have to memorize all the meanings in the Little White Book (LWB) that comes with each new deck of Tarot cards.  All you really need to know to get started is one meaning for each card and know it well.  This series of articles will show you an easy way to do that, with Numerology.  

But, this series isn’t only for beginners.  I didn’t learn this system until I had received two Tarot Master Certificates from two different sources, and after nearly 30 years of Tarot study.  And, along with some other systems, I use it to this day.  So – if you are a newcomer to Tarot, this might make your learning curve a little faster.  If you’re a veteran reader, this could be a new technique to add to your arsenal.

A Brief Review:

Up to this point, we have learned:

0 ~ is for unlimited potential in the situation indicated by the Element of the card drawn.

1 ~ indicates the beginning of action in or on the indicated Element.

2 ~ cooperation with either another person or the forces of the Universe.  Of course, according to the Element of the card.

3 ~ creativity begins, expansion of a project indicated by the Element.

4 ~ it’s time to reason things out, to be practical . . . With what?  You know; check the Element.  

5 ~ changes are coming about; accept them.  Don’t let them become crisis situations.  Again, check the Element.

6 ~ things have settled down now (in the area the Element suggests), and peace and harmony prevail for awhile (at least until we have another lesson to learn).

7 ~ you have learned from the mistakes you’ve made in this area (the Element) and find success as the result of this learning.

8 ~ a successful completion of a project relating to the card’s element.  Your careful planning and preparation is paying off at this time.

9 ~ the end of a cycle of life, ending up (usually) higher on the spiral than you had begun.

Note:  As I’ve mentioned before, it is not necessary for you to follow the exact key words and/or phrases I’ve given you to utilize this system of Tarot Numerology.  Go ahead and research meanings for the different numbers.  If you find some you like better than mine - use them!  Tarot reading is a matter of using your subconscious mind, and it will lead you into the meanings that are best for you.  I’m simply giving you background to build upon.

Repeat:  Although you are using one or two word meanings for the cards, it’s time to expand on your meanings.  Remember: I don’t mean to add more key words or phrases - just practice expanding upon the idea of the key word or phrase you have.  As an example, you’d be surprised at how much you can say about learning from one’s mistakes (especially combined with the card’s Element) with practice.  Take the idea, and run with it!  It will make the reading much more fun, and also more helpful to the client.

Now:  Here, we begin getting into the double-digit numbers and seeing how the digits combine to make another - higher vibration - of the final reduced number.  Now things begin to get really interesting...   Time to utilize what you have learned about the numbers so far, and expand upon it!  Expansion is fun!  We begin with the Number Ten.

Now:  In Numerology, Ten is both after and before the number Nine.  Nine ends the cycle - Ten wraps everything up and readies you to begin the new cycle.  Ten is a combination of the powers of the number One (beginnings or action) and the unlimited potential of the “0”.

So—as you finish the previous cycle of nine, it all starts over again...  But, this time one has more experience under one’s belt, more knowledge, and the cycle is higher on the spiral, giving the person an amplified potential!  Ten - 1+0=action, beginnings with higher potential than ever before.

As an example:  The Wheel of Fortune—as your material growth has made a cycle and is starting again, you are starting a new spiritual cycle as well, because of the spiritual lessons you have learned (or should have learned) through your material trials.  And - expand upon this; there’s a lot more to say.

Another example:  The Ten of Swords - the picture on the card (in the RWS deck) shows a man lying on his stomach with ten swords sticking in his back.  At first glance, there seems to be a lot of blood flowing, but a closer look reveals that it is only a red robe lying over him.  So...using what we’ve learned about Tarot Numerology, what would this mean?

Well, first we have to look at the Element.  We know that Swords is the Air suit, and Air has to do with our thoughts, ideas, and attitudes.  Right off, this will tell us that this situation is a mental one.  The person feels and believes the last cycle left them beaten to the ground.  But - this is all in their attitude toward the situation - no one is beaten until they believe they are beaten!  

And now it’s time to let that go and start again - but this time, with all the knowledge that has been gained along the way.  And, of course, with even more potential than before!

Can you see how we can expand on an idea the card gives us and use it to help either ourselves or the client?  You can think of this process as being represented by The Fool - there is unlimited potential in how far you can expand upon the idea.

Okay:  Let’s take a look at the Number Eleven.  Eleven is called a Master Number because it combines two different aspects of its numerals so effectively.  One signals action, new beginnings.  Here, this is doubled!  Amplified action, an important new beginning!  Now, in adding up the two Ones, we arrive at Two, the number of cooperation whether it is with another person, a team of people or, even more importantly, The Universe!

So, when the Justice card is dealt, or any of the Pages, we are talking about an important new beginning and a need to take action while utilizing all your abilities to cooperate with either another, a team, or The Universe.  You are the reader - how do you feel about the meaning of the card?  

A couple of hints:  

1.  Justice tells us that things are working out as they should be.  As she holds a scale, the card represents balance in all things.  So - combined with the One and the Two, what does that mean to you?  Again, you are the reader!  Your subconscious will lead you in the right direction.  Speak what your subconscious gives you.

2.  The Pages are messengers, bringing this important message to you or the client.  The message is:  “Tarot suggests that an important new beginning is about to come into your life (the Element will tell you what part of your life) and it will be important for you to cooperate with others involved with the situation, and with the Laws of The Universe.”  Or, what do you think this particular Page is saying?

So:  We’ve entered into the world of combining the double-digit numbers to come up with a new and amplified meaning.

I want you to take the Wheel of Fortune, Justice, and all the Tens and Pages out of your deck.  Study them; find how the cards can lead you to their Numerology meanings.  Practice with it.  And—write it down in your tarot notebook!  As I mentioned before, it is even more effective if you say it aloud as you write it; it brings two more parts of your consciousness into play, the speech center and the hearing center.

When you feel comfortable with these cards, you might want to skip ahead and see what meanings you can come up with for Twelve and Thirteen.  That’s up to you, of course.  We’ll talk about them next time anyway.

See ya next month...  :o)

Bright Blessings ~ Gary Meister, CTM

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