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  October 01, 2003

Mysterious Musings
Madame Athame, CTPHD / ASAP / PDQ

Madame Athame is a mysterious will-o-the-wisp who offers tongue-in-cheek readings that are meant to be taken as such. They are by no means a lesson in how to read the tarot for real clients.

Warning: If you are humor-impaired, the Reiki Master General strongly advises you not to read Madame Athame's column.


Q: Dear Madame Athame,

I'm leaving my marriage, control freak diva of a husband and all. He's been very useful in many ways, and at one point I believed we were deliriously in love. However, when a man who professes to adore me, to worship at my shrine, begins to tell me that I can't party with my pals until 5 a.m. because I have to give a show the next night, that's the final straw! Any hope on the horizon, Madame A.?

Hugs 'n' Squeezes,

Larissa Manicotti

A: My dear Larissa,

Mille grazie for your hugs 'n' squeezes. Huge air-kisses right back at ya. Honey, another one on the way out? Darlin', we're gonna get you a wash and wear wedding dress! But I hear you on that crampin' the style thing. Anyway, here's a little tarot light shed on your marital shift.


PAST. 5 of Wands.


In the past, you've practically had to beat men away with a stick, legions of them. This card also reflects this past year's marital conflicts. The guys in the picture can't seem to make the pieces fit together - did hubby have Tab A into Slot B?
PRESENT. Emperor.


You're right - control freak! Hubby sees you as a commodity, a part of his "empire". Yuck! However, this card also tells me that you've got friends in very high places, honey. The Emperor grasps a ball in one hand - the judge wants your soon-to-be-ex's ****s in a sling!
FUTURE. Empress.


My dear, the future looks great! Thank gods you drew up a pre-nup, 'cause it looks like you keep the whole enchilada. As an added bonus, there's a lot of love and you-know-what on the horizon. Note, however, that you may be repeating your mother's marriage patterns. Perhaps something to do with men who enjoy your music and put you up on a pedestal. Sweetie, these are probably not men who are marrying material!

Best of luck,

Madame Athame



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