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Tarot Reflections

September 2006

Submission Guidelines for ATA Publications
Stephanie Arwen Beck , Editor

Stephanie Arwen Beck lives in Denver, CO with a small zoo that includes a partner and three kids somewhere in there. She's been studying and teaching the Tarot for over 20 years. She specializes in reading for writers with spreads such as Muse of Inspiration and What Happens Next. As the presenter of the popular Tarot For Writers workshop, she's helped many authors past writer's block and plotting issues.She is Pisces with a Scorpio moon and Aquarius rising which means she loves to be a bit different and indulges herself by creating Tarot spreads. She helps her clients question the patterns in their lives based on what they see in the cards. Reading for her is a partnership-based activity.

You can visit Arwen at her online home Tarot By Arwen, Compassionate, Caring, Confidential for over 23 years



Topic suggestions:

  • Tarot Poetry (15-50 lines)
  • Deck Reviews (300-500 words - should include permission to use 3-5 scans of cards from the deck's publisher)
  • Book Reviews (300-500 words)
  • Evolution of Tarot Art
  • Creating a Tarot Deck
  • Non-standard Tarot Cards/Decks
  • Tarot in Ritual
  • Tarot in Spells
  • Foreign Tarot Decks
  • Bios on Important Figures in Tarot History
  • Tarot Meditations
  • Tarot and Other Divination Systems such as Astrology, Numerology, the Oghams, etc.

Consider your audience. It will be varied. You can expect Tarot enthusiasts from rank beginners to published Certified Grand Tarot Masters. I would love to see a column aimed at professional readers as well as one at beginners. If you have an idea for a column, let's talk.

Article format:

  • 1200 - 2000 words
  • Times New Roman 12pt or Courier 12pt
  • Double spaced
  • 1" margins
  • No indents for paragraphs
  • Spellchecked
  • Submit files via email in Word Doc format or Text format only. NO PDFs!
  • Hard copy should be mailed to the ATA address below
  • Pictures should be JPG, GIF or TIF, 300 dpi or better
  • Bio (with headshot preferably) with all submissions (Bio needs to be 3-5
    sentences please)

Submission addresses:

Electronic submissions (preferred) should be sent as email attachments to

Hard copy can be mailed to:

American Tarot Association
Attn: Editor
2901 Richmond Rd Ste 130 #123
Lexington KY 40509-1763

Fax: (800) 331-7787

Publishing Deadlines for 2006 and 2007:

2006 #2 - October 15th deadline

2007 #1 - December 1st
2007 #2 - March 1st
2007 #3 - June 1st
2007 #4 - September 1st



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