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By Flash Silvermoon

September begins by coming out from under the shadow of the Full Moon in Pisces on August 31. I have a feeling that many of us will be wetter than we might imagine if the Neptunian waters align with the rising tides of the Blue Moon. Hopefully some of the water will find its way to drench the Western fires which have been threatening thousands of acres. 

Early September offers several trines, an aspect which creates flow, with planets in water signs like the Moon, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces trining Mars in Scorpio so I can imagine that we will see some positive and not only harsh results from the deluge that is likely to come. I sit here finishing this column days after I began writing this section and Issac promises to bring some serious water this way so by the time you read this, this will already be old news and hopefully all is now well for all.

My prayers as I finish this piece are for Issac to go where it can do the most good and the least harm for the highest good of all Blessed Be Sending prayers for the Haitians and the Island people who have had so much suffering already.

Had a wonderful chat a few nights ago with a sister healer Judith Kahealani Lynne and she suggested that we hold a very wide and open ended vision for our experience and future projections and this is a point so incredibly well taken. We always want to leave room for Spirit to deliver the most miraculous version of the future possible. I have to say that I am all about Divine Guidance and not holding a smaller dream for myself than what Spirit has intended. Hence when I predict the likelihood of certain manifestations of a given aspect I do not want to limit its possibilities. For instance, uh oh batten down the hatches a hurricane is coming when in fact a solution for drought and fire could be a blessing.. I am not saying that hurricanes aren't  absolutely dangerous and one wants to be prepared but we also want to look from a Mama Goddess eye view and see where the Earth's need for cleansing may be speaking too hence offering a blessing as well.

No way around it folks, with Uranus and Pluto still squaring each other, and this is  a time when they are tightly but not exactly aspected we are in a state of REVOLUTION /EVOLUTION ON ALL LEVELS no matter how you look at it! The powerful energies of this transit,  that should sound  like an old friend at this point,  are by their very nature creating the upheavals on our planet from political to personal, from the weather[Earth Changes, callin' it what it is] to the political forum, if you can call it that,  to the Economy and Global Political Theater. We have been and continue to hit Critical Mass where life as we know it is being changed radically and it behooves us to follow the process consciously making our own needed changes on our own timetable rather than being swept up by chaotic tornadic changes that appear to the uninitiated as coming from out of the blue or by the Government or by God, the ultimate fall guy!

Many younger people that I meet wax poetic about the 60's cursing their late birth and wishing that they were there for all the action but sisters and brothers it is not too late yep you too can have your very own Revolution, coming to a neighbor HOOD NEAR YOU. 

This time we are dealing with a much more action oriented version of Uranus/ Pluto than we did  during the mid to late 60's. Important to remember that those magical times  of euphoric and Utopian values were also fraught with pain, war, confrontation and the assassination of our heroes and leaders. Those years featured the conjunction not the square of these two turbulent luminaries and they were in the mutable sign of Virgo not the Cardinal ones we experience now. You might say that the new vision and dreams of the 60's are manifesting  and or needing to manifest now with the square aspect. The current configuration/ conflagration demands action and action we are getting like it or not from every quarter.

If these energies have been making you uncomfortable that is good because that tells you that you are awake and not running on automatic pilot as so many do. I would say that most of us are finding  or should I say not finding an easy comfort zone if we deal with the material realities of life. Change the channel and dip into those spiritual waters  and it can be a whole other story.

Always super important to remember that how we think does shape our reality to a great extent and a great deal of blocked feelings and energies can be opened when we let our vision and spirit widen the view of possibilities. Our psychic abilities are being magnified and over-amped even. This is a spiritually "All Hands on Deck " time of reaching out and reaching in because the energetic downloads are so extreme. 

Those of us who have been working in this field for most of our lives as well as many lifetimes are more in demand than ever and yet because of our sensitivities we need to balance our time and energies more than ever. Those that are newer in their development may be feeling a combination of thrills and chills as a new awareness demands more attention and feels at times like a new skin that one is wearing. Don't be afraid this is all good and you are definitely not losing your mind. One of the real positives of this time is the spiritual awakening  taking place and this is happening even within the bastions of the scientific communities.

With action oriented Uranus in Aries, I have no doubt that we will enjoy a huge influx of discoveries, some because we will need them to save our wounded planet and some will be needed to find new medicines or perhaps old medicines to combat the  toxic destruction leveled by the greedy and careless corporations. [Pluto in Capricorn]

There is also the issue of repressed inventions and cures that have been here for years such as those made by Tesla and others. I am sure that we all could be driving  affordable cars that don't need petroleum and have a cure for cancer if the lobbyists and organizations that need gas and cancer to fill their coffers would step back and think of the higher good and get their money from healing and not harming.

This will be followed by a series of Blue Moons and the freezing over of Hell! Oh wait, we just had a Blue Moon! Maybe the time has come? I am not going to block the miracle by thinking it can't happen but those who hold that kind of power rarely give it up because its the right thing to do.

May I remind all of you as you read some of this information please do not linger on the scary or harsh news as you do not want this to lower your vibration and focusing on the negatives  even if they are happening will only glue you to that energy and this helps no one.

September 7 Venus enters the sunny sign of Leo which helps even more to  get more deeply into our heart space. When we do this all things can run smoother. This is our strongest protection.

On September 15th we will have a New Moon in Virgo, the Virgin which back in the Matriarchal Day meant a woman who was whole unto herself not an un-penetrated woman! If you remember all the major Patriarchal Godheads sprang from "Virgin Wombs" hence they carried the power and learning from the Matriarchs not the other way around as His-story would have you believe. Given the fact that within days of this lunation several potent shifts will occur, we may well see the Rising of the Women 'cause a change is gonna come. We have been infuriated and degraded exceptionally of late and with Virgo's propensity to make things right, this may just be the ticket.

On September 17th Pluto ends its retrograde cycle and slowly moves to make another exact square with Uranus on the 19th. Squares can bring conflict and they always demand that some change be made. Mercury, Virgo's ruler jumps into the fire with these two on the 20th making an exact t square. This will indeed be a turning point, another major shift in consciousness as well as outer world events. The rumbling of humanity in the streets is liable to spill over as the Occupy Movement reaches its 1 year Anniversary. 

The politrix scene has been so grimey and heinous that nothing would surprise me. I get a feeling that some real blooper even bigger than this month's "legitimate rape" blunder is coming up. Both Uranus and Pluto love to unearth what is hidden and anyone's shadow stuff is up for grabs. It disgusts me how all the parties waste billions of $$$ trying to get elected when they  should  give the $$ where it is needed to solve problems and then see who helps the country the most and elect them. Ya know like feed the hungry, heal the sick and preserve the Planet silly me for having such thoughts but then  let's all expand that thought and breathe it into reality worse could happen....and it has.  Remember "As Above So Below" and where there is conflict on the earth there can be conflict under the earth so keep your ears to the ground for tectonic  turbulence.

Typically when I am writing this report, I look at the planets and generate my words from what the configurations suggest to me. Right now I am feeling the need to search the wheel for signs of the rising  power of women which is clearly on the move out in the world as well as being a prime target globally for violence and repression. In this country the Repugs are making it really hard for any sane woman to vote for them which certainly does not break my heart. These mostly old white men have an agenda to roll back all of the progress that we have made in human rights  since the 60's and especially for women. Controlling women's bodies means controlling women and to control women means controlling the means of reproduction which affects all life.

I have to say though that  the Goddess had the last word and cancelled their jackasses with a huge storm the size of Texas. One could also question,  given the size of the storm, how much H.A.R,P had to do with it. [Look up HARP for yourselves if you don;t know what it is.\ Weather Wars being what they are and the synchronicity with the Katrina Anniversary. it kind of makes you wonder!

I remember that we had that very important Sun/ Venus conjunction a few months ago which is probably empowering women a lot. I look to the Asteroids Vesta and Ceres which are squaring the New Moon energies as well as Pallas which is conjoining Uranus and Juno which is up close and personal with the North Node. These Goddess Asteroids are creating a web of Female energy around the whole wheel reminding us that Mama knows best and to most importantly stay connected to our hearts as the seat of wisdom and clarity. No matter what else we do it is imperative to keep our vibrations high and not let any low life bust our vibe or steal our integrity. We may not always have a choice about what happens but we always have a choice about how we react.

I have no doubt in my mind that the women on this planet will rise to the occasion in all walks of life and bring a higher standard of revolution /evolution to the table and not simply the old might makes right, power over, Ayn Randish,survival of the fittest overkill way of life. I do not mean that all women are great and all men suck, we have only to look at Sarah Palin and her ilk and some of the great men who have contributed much to society to clarify that point. I am simply saying Patriarchy....enough already you have brought us to the edge of destruction, time to give the ball to the other team!

September 22 brings us to the Fall Equinox, the time of equal day and night as we turn the Wheel once more with our eternal quest for balance. We at Moonhaven in Melrose will have a Women's Circle and Celebration to honor this time of Harvest. See below for details. This could well be a most potent night with the Moon conjoining Pluto. Again, remember stay in your heart and don't let your emotions take you for a ride you may not like.

The day of this month that really does concern me is September 29th, The Full Moon in Aries, also known as the Blood Moon by ancients for good reason. As I speak of this moon, I must honor the late Marion Weinstein who through her radio show "Marion's Cauldron" on WBAI in NYC enlightened me about the intensity of the Blood Moon.

This moon all by itself can bring out the most violence of any Full Moon and the data has been proven by police reports and hospital records. It is a really good time not to be anywhere dangerous particularly with crowds. Once again we see the death throes of the patriarchy and it is on its way out. We just need to make sure that it doesn't fall on us! Unfortunately this night becomes more complicated by the fact that Uranus is conjoining this Moon with Pluto of course making a square to both of them.This can be a time of intense passion and vitality where you want to go out and do something but please choose wisely and be safe. You will also want to be  very watchful of your animals as this can be an extremely rough night for them too. This can be one of those tipping points and with all the  disenfranchised and just plain angry people running around with guns you don't want to be in the path of anyone's bad mood.

Making music is always a great way to raise energy/Chi and you can release loads of tension that these challenging times can produce by playing music,dancing singing etc just make sure that you are in a safe place with conscious mellow folks and rock your hearts out with ...……," the kind of music that just soothes your soul!"

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