Discover Your Tarot Niche

By Melanie Jade Rummel

What is your tarot niche? Whether you are a professional reader or studying for personal enjoyment, if you love to do readings, it’s helpful to know what makes your readings unique. Spend any time around other readers and you’ll quickly find that everyone has their own style. There are three key benefits to determining and focusing on your tarot niche.

Benefits of Discovering Your Niche 

First, you will be able to focus on what you love about tarot and eliminate areas that do not bring you joy. This will save you time and money. There are so many books, groups, and workshops available for learning tarot, and without knowing what particularly inspires you about reading tarot, there’s the possibility of wasting time and money on something that isn’t in alignment with your passion. However, once you know what your niche is, you will easily find groups, people, and events that not only coincide with your passion, but also fuel your energy and inspire you.

Secondly, when you know your tarot niche and are able to communicate it to others, you will attract your ideal clients, who will then refer you to more people who are your ideal clients. Have you ever had the experience of doing a reading for someone and not enjoying it? When you are able to communicate your special niche, the people who are not in alignment with your perspective and passion will go elsewhere, and the people who are in alignment will be drawn to you like bees to honey. When they read or hear your description of your focus, they will be inspired and have a sense of knowing that you are the perfect person for them. This will make you both happy. As an extra bonus, they will refer you to other like-minded people who will also be in alignment with your passion.

Finally, by focusing on doing what you love, your inspired energy will come out in everything you do - your speech, your advertising, your tarot studies, and even your personal tarot practice. You will bring your best to your readings and to your clients. Your readings will be fueled by your passion, and that will be apparent to your clients. They will know that you really care about their concern and about giving them the best reading you can. Happier clients, happier you. It’s a win-win situation.

How to Discover Your Niche

So how do you figure out your tarot niche? First, you have to figure out what you love most about reading tarot. What are your favorite cards to use, and what makes them fun to use? Do you like studying set meanings for cards, do you prefer to rely solely on your intuition, or a little of both? What setting feels best to you? Do you like doing readings over the phone, via email, in-person, at parties, or in group settings? Do you like quick readings or long ones? Do you like doing readings for other people, or do you prefer using tarot as a personal practice? What is your philosophy about life and how does it tie into your readings? These are just a few questions to help you start analyzing the basics of what you love about tarot.

When I first began reading tarot, I studied and memorized set meanings for each card. Gradually I realized that set meanings alone didn’t work for me, and what I really love is using my intuition. Once I combined my knowledge with my intuition, reading tarot instantly became more fun. I also had to get past how I thought I should do readings. I agonized for weeks about offering phone and in-person readings through my website, which I saw everyone else doing and thought I should too. Finally, I realized that doing readings via email was best for me. I love to sprawl out on the floor, and I channel my Spirit Guides very easily when I type. It wasn’t that I was being a major procrastinator or a scaredy-cat, which had been my initial judgment, but just that phone and in-person readings weren’t in alignment with what would really bring me joy. 

The biggest key to my tarot niche is my philosophy on life. Based on what I have learned from my Spirit Guides, I believe that everything in life is positive and works for our highest good. During a reading, I am able to communicate messages from Spirit Guides to my client about how the people and situations that may look like crap are actually working for them. In this way, my clients develop a higher understanding of their life situation and feel a deep sense of peace. My readings are uplifting, insightful, and offer far-reaching messages that my clients benefit from months and even years after their reading.

Attract Your Ideal Clients 

To dig a little deeper, determine who your ideal clients are. What do your clients care about? What is their view on life? How would you like to approach their questions? How do you want your clients to feel after a reading with you? I discovered that I am most passionate about helping people connect with their Spirit in order to create their ideal life. The articles on my website and all of my readings are done with that focus. Because I have found my niche, I only attract clients who are interested in getting to the core of what is going on in their life, learning how to unleash their Divine potential, and learning how to create their ideal. 

Finally, what are some key words that communicate what you are really offering your clients? You are offering more than just a tarot reading. Anyone can get a free tarot reading using a computer program online, but it won’t have the impact, insight, or cohesiveness that a reading from you will provide. Think about your strengths and special gifts, and then ask yourself what you are really offering. On my website, I state that clients will get “clarity, insight, and peace of mind” from my readings. That focus is utmost in my mind as I’m doing the reading, and every client I’ve had has explicitly stated in their feedback to me that that is what they received. What do you want your clients to receive from your reading? How do you want to help them in their life? How do you want to feel after a reading?

Now It’s Your Turn! 

I hope your wheels are turning and you’re thinking about how to focus on and communicate to others your unique perspective and abilities regarding your tarot readings. Whether you are a professional reader or reading for personal enjoyment, figuring out your tarot niche will help you save time and money, attract your ideal clients, and have more joyful, inspired energy during your readings. 

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