By Flash Silvermoon

The energies of September actually begin at the tail end of August with the New Moon in Virgo on the 29th. Not only are the Sun and Moon in Virgo but lovely Venus is also in this Mercurial sign. This is a big shift from the grandiose and intense fires of Leo. Now we might even expect a release from frustration and a measure of sanity and logic!

We still have many planets retrograde which means that even as wild as it got in August, we really did not feel the full force of the potential as retrograde energy tends to force what would be forward motion into a wall while a deeper understanding ideally is reached. That's being generous and I am speaking on the most idealistic of levels. 

I do not like to come off as a Pollyanna or a gloom and doomer so I like to give both options.

While Mercury was retrograde through most of August, we could have dealt with any number of accidents,mistakes, or wrong turns. Now it is time for corrective action and Virgo just loves to correct.If you have a tendency to feel guilty or if your self esteem needs a boost you will see it more clearly now as it may be heightened by Virgo's critical nature.

All the miscommunication, false starts, frustration and misunderstandings of last months can now be corrected and ideally no real harm was done. You can bet that our financial boondoggles and political game playing will all be up for review as the smoke lifts and shows who really goofed and who acted like saboteurs.

Virgo energy can be critical but that is not necessarily a bad thing. This is a great time to edit and narrow your thoughts and projects so that you say what you mean and mean what you say. This might even extend into the global picture but then all the spin doctors would have to get pink slips. We might even discover that some of the ideas we were not able to manifest, at second look would not have held water anyway.

The really good news is that there is a preponderance of Earth signs in play and even forming a fortuitous Grand Trine which offers much more stability as well as ease at navigating the material plane, i.e. resources and finances. The worst is over for awhile but should require better negotiations in the future.

We can never forget that Uranus and Pluto are still squared which means that they are causing great conflicts and power imbalances which will force major changes to occur with the political scene, economics, the weather, our emotions and even our health. There is a war going on. The old ways of the "Powers That Have Been" are white-knuckling it while a real New World is trying to be born. If you have ever been with a woman in labor, you know that birthing is no easy matter.

As I view the chart of the U.S., I can see how transiting Pluto, the firebrand revolutionary of the heavens, is opposing Jupiter. This energy suggests there are powerful energies trying to dominate and manipulate our resources and economy while another powerful force is trying to transform our system to one that is radically different and more even handed for all. Pluto energy likes to get to the root of things so this may take some time.

As far as relationships go Venus traveling near the Sun keeps life sweet but Virgo energy is not the most passionate and romantic. Intellectual pursuits are favored and being of service may float your boat for most of the month. Be that as it may, the home fires will burn and you will find the nest a bit cozier than usual.

I do not think we will have any real attacks on Sept. 11-- not that some won't try to keep us terrorized!

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