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Was August the poster month of the Tower or what? It seems like the key theme was "expect the unexpected," whether that applied to weather or other things. I always find it annoying when a muggle, who knows what I do, says something like "shouldn't you have seen that coming?" I just shake my head and respond, "probably, if I would have looked." I then explain, that at least for me, doing what I do doesn't work like it is portrayed on television for dramatic effect (maybe it does for some people, but not me). I don't get struck by the proverbial lightning or wake in the middle of the night with a flash of what is to come. I used to read for myself all the time and I just don't have the time for it now. Also, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a pretty boring read most of the time, so I just don't bother unless I have something coming up I need insight into.

One thing that isn't unexpected is announcing our winner to the August contest!

Congratulations, Martha Reed of Dewey, Arizona, USA!

Martha correctly identified the clip as part of the Three of Wands from the Twilight Realm, A Tarot of Faery deck published by Schiffer Publishing.

Also, as expected, we are offering another great issue this month! Enjoy!

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