September's Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes features the stunning Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti published by Llewellyn Worldwide and available on their website and other fine Tarot retailers this month. -- Ed.


Hermit (10 of Wands) 

What do you do when the weight of the world rests upon your back? There will always be periods in life that are less exciting; however, in most cases, your attitude is actually the cause of your feelings. In order to cope with life’s demands, it’s important to recognize how you deal with stress. You undoubtedly know how to tend to your own needs – make sure you’re doing so. Spend time alone this month connecting to your inner wisdom and you may find that things are less problematic than you thought. 


Wheel of Fortune (Knight of Pentacles) 

As the world turns, so do our lives, and yet, deep within we remain unchanged. You’ll experience a change this month in finances and/or health, and although you may want to dig your heels in, let it go. Remind yourself that change is merely movement and that you do have a say in how you move – move gracefully. A project you’ve been working on will begin to gain momentum; take it slow and be thorough. Avoid making impulsive purchases. Don’t be fooled by the wrapping – what you see might not be what you get.


Death (10 of Swords) 

There is a big life change this month that will surely challenge your way of thinking. It could be that plans take a massive detour, requiring you to relinquish control over something important. Unfortunately, there’s no getting out of this one, and, in fact, your ego is likely to be a little bruised in the process. On a more positive note, this detour will surely lead you to a larger opportunity. Working with this energy, now is a great time for throwing out the old to make space for the new. Don’t procrastinate!


Star (4 of Wands) 

Although there are various perspectives in the world, we all contribute to a universal consciousness. Whether you are a participant or a spectator, the energy in the world affects you and you it. Take a moment and ask yourself how you’re contributing to the greater good. Turn off the TV, get off the computer or cell phone, and tune in to the silence. It’s in this space that you’re connected to everything and have the opportunity to experience the magic of life. The best part? This connection is available to you anytime and anywhere!


Emperor (9 of Pentacles) 

When your success is dependent upon a thing, that thing becomes the source of fulfillment. However, lasting fulfillment is obtained by overcoming personal challenges and meeting cherished goals. In this way, a sense of pride fuels your self-esteem. A situation you have been patiently tolerating will yield favorable results, and, as you collect the prize, be sure to do it with dignity. Someone you’ve been trying to impress finally gives you the respect you deserve. Take from this confidence, authority, and success, but not at the expense of another. A true leader needs only to direct oneself.


Empress (King of Swords) 

Creativity must be cultivated in order for it to flourish, but living a creative life is a mind-set. Combining the two makes anything possible. Problems turn into puzzles, dreams become blank canvasses, and thoughts are the tools we create from. As a divine artist, you have authority over the medium you use; but as a person, you don’t have power over other artists. Focus your attention on creating not controlling, find imaginative solutions to your problems, and spend your energy in more inventive ways. Life is as good as you make it – problems and all – so make the most of what you have!


Lovers (2 of Swords) 

Pinned between choices is enough to make anyone a little nuts; especially when the head and heart are divided. Sometimes too much analysis leads to feelings of paralysis. True, you are great at seeing both sides of an issue, but you are not always so good at initiating in either direction. An impasse in your life is the result of too much thinking, too much worrying and too much complaining. You don’t have to make the perfect choice – just make a choice! Even if it doesn’t go as planned, the momentum will pull you out of your rut.


Sun (4 of Cups) 

It’s amazing how many committees exist in your head, all of which have conflicting and somewhat outdated ideas. Even more amazing is that you actually listen to them, believing that they’re reflective of your truth. Try for a moment to observe what you are being told, then ask yourself whether you actually agree with it. You have the chance to dissolve these “opinions” and adopt a new frame of mind. Rather than relying on the committees, look with the eyes of a child and observe from a more open perspective. Be careful not dismiss the feelings of others this month either.


Temperance (6 of Cups) 

Certainly our past contributes to our present, but the degree to which it still influences us says a lot about how we live our lives. Have you learned from your past or are you prisoner to it? Past experiences are like spices; the flavor of your life depends on how you choose to season it. Why add bitterness by holding on to resentments or too much sweetness by sugar-coating your mistakes? You are the alchemist in charge of what you use and don’t use – none are wholly good or bad – just seasons of experience. An old dream emerges begging for a new recipe.


Chariot (Ace of Cups) 

The current of life will pull you in many different directions, and although you may try at times to fight against it, ultimately it will prevail. The emotional struggles this month are like wild horses; to tame them you must be aware of your reactions. Movement too strong in any one direction will likely throw you off course. Adopt a more detached perspective – witness the situation, and consciously choose how to respond. An emotional encounter with someone close to you will trigger passionate feelings. Think before you react because once you do there is no taking it back.


Magician (Knight of Cups) 

We are all a part of the greater whole and each of us plays an important part, whether conscious or not. When you believe in yourself, you honor this role and your actions become an extension of you. Pay attention to the vibes you are sending out in the world and ask yourself if this is what you represent. It takes trust to be comfortable with who you are because in doing so, you acknowledge and accept yourself despite what others think. Take pride in who you are and others will treat you the way you treat yourself.


World (3 of Pentacles) 

Life is an anthology of endings and beginnings. Just as you believe that you’ve seen the last of something or someone, a reminder conjures up that experience and brings it back into being. A goal you thought complete will arise again asking for more of your energy and attention. This time, however, you must approach it from a different standpoint. Success or completion is not as important as integration – how have you been changed? When you involve yourself authentically with your pursuits, the payoff is personally fulfilling and lifelong.

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