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As the seasons are changing, must too fast I must add, I have been thinking about cards like Death, the Tower, and the Wheel of Fortune, which have typically been associated with changes at some point or another.  The image in the banner above reminds me of the Wheel of Fortune if it were laid out flat and straight.  The shadows across the road remind me of the dark times that we all seem to have to go through during our lives.  Just as the path transitions between shadow and light, we are in constant transition between times of light and dark.  Know that where ever you are on your path, if you are in darkness, you are only a few steps away from the light.

Congratulations, Vixen Feyfire from Salem, Ohio!

The winning answer was the Queen of Cups from the Paulina Tarot.  Be sure to check out this month's contest and enter!  The odds of winning are GREAT!

I think we have another great issue this month, we have our regulars, Jeanne Fiorini, Leean Lester, Andrew Harris, and Gary Meister back with some great offerings, and Terri C. files a fantastic interview with Ciro Marchetti, creator of the Gilded Tarot, the Tarot of Dreams and now the stunning Legacy of the Divine Tarot, which launched this month.  We also welcome Matthew McKinzie, Mita Bhan, and Nulty Lynch as new contributors!  More great news is that we have worked with the software folks and have gotten our file downloads to work again!

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