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Tarot Reflections


  September 01, 2003

Wisdom Reading
James Wells

James Wells is a Toronto-based Tarot Consultant, Reiki Master, weaver of rituals, and workshop facilitator. His mission is to provide sacred space for soul work and constructive feedback so that all may enjoy insight and healing. He can be reached through his website.


This issue's wisdom reading is based upon a quote by the great mythologist, Joseph Campbell:

"A myth is a public dream, and a dream is a private myth." The deck used is the PoMo Tarot by the late Brian Williams.

After we do the reading, we'll revisit this statement with our new understanding.

1) What is a dream?

10 of T.V.s

A dream is a multi-layered time-out from ego identity, an experience of being both the message and the medium, and a performance in which one is simultaneously writer, director, performer, and audience. It's an infomercial of the Self.

2) What is myth?

T.V. Woman

Myth is the mother of all art, a comfortable and familiar icon which caries the fragrance of an ideal past through all time.

We can now play with Joseph Campbell's quote a bit. One possibility, based on our cards, is:

"A familiar icon carried through all time is a collective experience of being both the message and the medium; a multi-layered time-out from ego identity is a personal whiff of the eternal ideal."

See what you come up with!



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