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Tarot Reflections

 August 15, 2003

Spread: Measuring Your Progress
Robert E. Mueller

The Measuring Your Progress spread makes a great post-class evaluation for Tarot students. It can be used with any of the dozens of Tarot decks available.



The Measuring Your Progress spread was designed as a self-evaluation layout that students from a Tarot class can complete upon graduation.  Readings can be discussed together in the final class.  Alternatively, the spread can be used by anyone at any time in his or her Tarot learning experiences to evaluate progress.

The four-card layout is constructed to create an atmosphere of reflection and observation about what Tarot students come into their learning experience with, versus the the future challenges they will face in their continuing work with the Tarot.  Each card is truly a one-card reading with a continuing theme that builds on each preceding card.

Position One is “What I Brought to the Tarot “(Challenges from the past).

Position Two indicates “How Far I Have Come” (This is where I stand here and now).

Position Three looks at “Accomplishments to Date” (What I can be proud of).

Position Four asks “How the Tarot Continues to Challenge Me (My continuing studies).


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