Latest Update: August 15, 2003


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In This Issue

  • In our featured article, new VP of Education Errol McLendon writes of his experience in the Prison Service Project. Read his insights into Dealing with the Crime.

  • Christopher delaMaison reviews Illustrated Tarot Spreads, a "deceptively simple book."

  • Lo Scarabeo? AG Muller? Dal Negro? Sherryl Smith offers tips on Purchasing a Visconti-Sforza deck.

  • Michelle Swan continues her Meditations series with this month's essay on the Page of Swords.

  • What insights might this Measuring Your Progress spread offer you as you continue your study of Tarot?


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ATA Board Update
Errol McLendon has joined the ATA Board as the energetic new VP of Education. Watch for an article on his background, credentials, and plan ... coming soon!


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