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Tarot Reflections

August 2006

Meditation: Page of Pentacles
Michelle Swan, Tarot Reader

Michelle Swan is a Tarot Reader and actress from The Bronx, New York. She fell in love with Tarot cards about four years ago, and has been a devoted lover ever since that time. Michelle has found her personal and spiritual development has flourished with the use of Tarot.

"I am delighted to write the Tarot Meditations and I hope you all enjoy reading them as well. Bright blessings to all!"

Michelle can be reached via email:


Breathe in and out until you feel calm. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking under sun and sky. A child sits in tall green grass, a baby wolf pup sleeping nearby. There are books, pens and paints scattered about. Is it a girl or a boy? How does the child look?

The child’s t-shirt says “Create where you are.”

The child bounces a pentacle on the grass. With each bounce it changes shape: a book, a ten dollar bill, a pen, a flower. What else to do you see?

“Hi, I’m Leaf,” says the child.

“Hi. How do you do that?” you ask, pointing to the pentacle changing shapes.

“You just need to concentrate. I like to study and create things. What do you make?”

“What have I created lately?” you ask yourself.

“Are you alone out here?”

Leaf smiles at you. “I’m safe here with my companion, Pan.” Leaf points to the wolf pup sleeping contently nearby. “Home is only a skip and hop away. I can tell you how to create anything you want.”

You are: intrigued, amused, scared or resistant to Leaf’s idea? Whatever you feel, you sit and listen.

What has Leaf told you? Is it something you already knew or unexpected treasure? You may stay as long as you want. You simply open your eyes to find yourself back in you reality.

How did your meeting go with the Page of Pentacles? Think about the message Leaf shared with you and how you can begin to make that work in your own life in the following weeks.


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