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Tarot Reflections

August 2006

A Spiritual Journey with Tarot: Justice
Gary Meister, CTM

Gary Meister has been studying Tarot from several different viewpoints for the past 25 years. Certified for over 20 years, Gary is a member of the ATA and a Certified Tarot Master (CTM) recognized by The Tarot Certification Board of America. Gary also holds a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in the "Intuitive Tarot" course from

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Tarot is an excellent tool for meditation to enhance spiritual growth. With Tarot, in our readings we each have subtly different meanings for the different cards, meanings which work well for ourselves better than anyone else’s. Spiritual Tarot works the same way. We each have our own path and we each see subtly different things in the Major Arcana cards to help us along that path.

With this series I’m sharing my journey, in hopes that it might help to shine a little light on yours. I’m using the Rider/Waite/Smith Tarot on this spiritual journey.

Lady Justice sits on a stone throne between two stone pillars, showing that she deals with “hard facts” and must keep a balanced viewpoint between them. She wears a golden crown, symbolizing her authority, and a red gown indicating her active nature. In her left hand she holds a scale, again a symbol of balance, and in her right she holds a sword, showing that she will use whatever force is necessary to keep that balance. She symbolizes the Universe and the way it works to keep all things balanced at all times.

We often think things happen to us that are unfair, things we feel we just don’t deserve. The fact is we reap what we have sown, either in this life’s past or that of a previous life. Remember, the Universe must keep things balanced. Like we said in studying the Wheel of Fortune, “What goes around, comes around.” What we are experiencing today is exactly what we are supposed to be experiencing right now, either to balance a previous action or to help us learn a lesson which we, ourselves, have chosen to learn right now. Either way, we live in an unfailingly just Universe. We experience each day in the way it is supposed to be experienced.

We often tend to experience the very things we don’t want the most from day to day. Now for the lesson: We are here to learn acceptance. Once we can accept what’s going on in our life, accept that it is what we need right now, we stop putting energy into the negative thoughts that bring it about in the first place. Our thoughts turn more positive and our life does the same. The Universe doesn’t care what we choose by our thoughts; it just keeps balance by giving us what we think about, what we put the most energy into. Nothing generates as much energy as resistance, anger, or feeling sorry for ourselves.

When I meditate on Justice it helps me remember that I live in an unfailingly just Universe and that it will keep balance whether I like it or not. When I can accept that, my life becomes much more comfortable and happy.

That’s what Justice means to me.


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