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Tarot Reflections

  August 2005

James Wells

James Wells is a Toronto-based tarot consultant, reiki master, writer, and workshop facilitator/teacher. He has been working, living, and playing with tarot since 1979. His choice-focused, proactive style make him a popular practitioner and presenter, at home and abroad. James's mission is to assist humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.

Please visit James' website: Assisting humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.


Dear Friends,

For August's tarot-scopes, I've employed the 1JJ Swiss tarot deck. This is the first set of tarot cards I ever purchased back in 1979. The woodblock style images are reproductions of a 19th century pack. Pips are simple and titles are in French.

ARIES. 10 of Coins. A month of time out from work concerns and financial commitments. Also stepping back to assess your physical health before leaping into any kind of rigorous program. Simply a pleasant respite. Savor it. Make sure, however, that it's not an excuse for procrastinating about those household jobs or garden tasks.

TAURUS. 2 of Wands. It's time to affirm your presence in this world, Taurus. Stand up for your independence, say "yes" to more leadership, declare aloud what gets you fired up. You may be weighing choices around a new role that's offered to you -- if it's in alignment with that sense of "yes for me!" energy, then grab it!

GEMINI. 6 of Wands. Status quo can be OK. There's a lesson to be learned around remembering that you are perfect just as you are -- no need to fiddle about with your image, identity, or status. Playing some of the same old roles might seem boring, but at least you're doing something. Those of you who are self-employed need to carry out routine publicity campaigns in order to stay in your market's mind.

CANCER. Le Jugement, reversed. Deep psychological or spiritual rites of passages are taking place. Your notions about Life (god / goddess / the holy / the source / etc.) are maturing and less naïve. Some of you may be undergoing actual rituals (baptisms, initiations, admissions into orders, priestessings, etc.) to mark your inner convictions that you're growing in new, expansive ways. Your soul is inviting you to something richer -- will you follow its clarion call?

LEO. 4 of Coins. Your ability to manifest concrete items -- e.g. cash, jobs, living space, sex, furniture -- is high in August. There's a solidity and security radiating from you that others find irresistable, so they want to help you get the things you need. Home construction and setting up security systems may be important to several Leos this month as well. Just remember to be generous, Leo -- hoarding is not pretty.

VIRGO. Le Mat. It's time to trust people and events in the outside world again. Your faith in humanity may have been shaken recently, but it's coming back. You can aid this process by taking more chances, doing playful things, and perhaps taking a short spontaneous trip. Whatever risky thing is you've been feeling the need to do is probably the right thing. Just start walking into it and see what happens.

LIBRA. 9 of Wands, reversed. This month, you're integrating parts of your personality that up to this point may have been compartmentalized. You're being kind to yourself by giving yourself more flexibility and by working in conjunction with an earlier part of yourself (inner child, past life energy, etc.). Putting yourself in a constant flow of energy through practices such as Reiki, QiGong, TaiChi, and so forth will assist in this integration process.

SCORPIO. Roi de Bâton. Whatever identity you've carried or whatever important role you've played, it's now time to let it go. There's an image that's no longer valid for you, so don't be afraid to gracefully bid it farewell. Mourning this transition is perfectly natural, so don't be ashamed to feel that. Ritualize it, let people know that you're complete with it. Otherwise there could be a huge build-up of anger that you're not surrendering to this organic shift.

SAGITTARIUS. 2 of Swords. August is a great time to learn about how powerful the idea of choice really is. You're presented with two or more options to think about and whatever you say "yes" to impacts you greatly. This choice can be around local community, siblings, education, or ways in which to communicate with others. Many of you are getting validation that new lifestyle choices are the right ones for you.

CAPRICORN. Le Chariot. Zoom, zoom, zoom! August feels like you're being pulled in seven directions at once. Your grounded, earthy nature assists you to steer this fast-moving journey with greater ease than you first believe. You may be the one whom others call upon to drive a project in a specific direction. This could be work-related or connected with a larger cause for which you feel like you're a sort of warrior or champion. Many of you could be taking important road trips.

AQUARIUS. 5 of Wands. Feeling the need for a makeover? Why not? You're being challenged to shake up who you think you are and how you come across to others. Not just in a cosmetic or fashion-related way, but the whole package. You're saying, "I choose to make adjustments to my identity, like it or not!" As with every shift, there may be moments of self-doubt. You can counteract these by putting yourself in warm or fiery circumstances -- candlelit rooms, campfires, outdoor tropical settings, and so forth.

PISCES. Le Diable. Structures or prisons? Discipline or slavery? What's the difference? Simply your perception. There's a sense of establishing boundaries, borders, fences, or restrictions. Some of these will feel tight and unpleasant. Others will be protective and moat-like. You're addressing your greatest fears, addictions, and limitations head-on. Better to do it consciously like this rather than have them club you over the head and drag you to your inner hell.

All good things,


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