By Flash Silvermoon

August begins with the harvest festival of Lammas, a time of gratitude for all the blessings from sweet Mother Earth. At this time, we plant seeds literally or figuratively for all the new wonders that we want to manifest in the following season. Here at Moonhaven, we women will gather in gratitude for the grace that has been bestowed upon us this year and we will also do a Prosperity Ritual to plant our seeds for the next year. Couldn't we all use a little prosperity? See note below about joining us for our Lammas Circle.

We had best get all these seeds planted firmly in our minds and the material world because by August 2, good old Mercury Retrograde shifts our forward motion into a more sluggish gait until August 26.

As many of my readers know, this is a time made for introspection, not bursting forth with new ideas and plans that you want to stand the test of time. Quite simply during this passage we rarely have all the information needed to make sound choices that will not bite us later.

If you don't care if relationships, jobs, homes or purchases are temporary, then go right ahead-- no worries. Because Mercury will regress from Virgo to Leo, important details might lose focus being over shadowed by drama. Best thing, do not let grandiose thinking topple your well laid plans. This can be a great time though to collect yourself and your ideas and sort out those that bear fruit and those that do not. This works well with all areas of your life so be brave and thorough.

Hard to say for sure just what the Dems and Repugs will do regarding fixing the economy in a timely manner, but planetarily we are sure staring at a hell of a log jam as several of the major planets are in cardinal signs in stressful aspects and Mercury will be stationary retrograde on August 2 when they reconvene to make something happen.

The more those who were technically elected to serve the people choose to play Politrix with our lives, the more poorly they will be remembered at the polls. To quote Beyonce’ the Boddhisatva of pop, "It sucks to be you right now, what goes around comes around, my baby."  Many may feel stretched and pushed to their limits on many levels.

Aggressive Mars enters the watery sign of Cancer on the 3rd which will soften the warlike energy some but may also mobilize some “false flag” event for home and country by the Full Moon. We will see, hope I am wrong, but last month I did predict another big corporate fish would tumble, shrouded in controversy and disgrace; in this case, it's Rupert Murdock, but who knows, August has not even begun and so many  are jumping at the chance to expose their posteriors! For this month we are apt to experience more passive aggressiveness than out and out aggressiveness and this might even be an improvement in these turbulent times.

So many energies shifting around this month. On the 4th, Neptune will make its final return into eccentric and ingenious Aquarius. Perhaps some brilliant inventor will offer a way to save the seas that have been so polluted during its sojourns in Pisces. I am, after all, an optimist and Aquarian technology could offer us many brilliant ways to transmute some of industries' hideous by products.

On the high side of things, our spirituality and intellect could blend making a most interesting marriage with both sides of our brains sharing the power offering us a more evolutionary way of moving through the material world. This will be all for the good as we hit more planetary white water on Aug 9.

On the 9th, Mars will make a square to Uranus which could cause all kinds of rebellions and unpredictable events with too many going off half-cocked. The next day, Pluto joins the drama by opposing Mars and squaring Uranus closely...BOOM!  These intense energies could manifest as some serious earth changes and or more political unrest. Fortunately stabilizing Saturn in Libra will fill in that Grand Cross to some extent even though it is still too far away to do much.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 13th should bring in a different energy as it is softened and elevated by Neptune as it opposes the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo. That combination of energies can ideally blend the Leonine heart and personal passion with the Aquarian mindfulness and passion for the collective. At best, oppositions can create situations that foster compromise, at worst, a tug of war. Hopefully those empowered to bring peace, justice and prosperity to all will chose the former and show themselves to be more elevated than they seem to be.

The Sun enters methodical Virgo on the 23rd and  she will feel the sweetness as she approaches Venus, but we won't be feeling quite out of the weeds until the 26th when  Mercury will be moving forward once again and we can actually expect more clarity and the go ahead for our projects and ideas that we have been judiciously tweaking to perfection during this long hot summer.

I am looking forward to this New Moon in Virgo on the 28th as it conjoins lovely Venus. Here is a golden opportunity to correct some of the false moves or mistakes that you bumbled through during the retrograde. Virgo tends to strain the emotions through the mind's lens so don't expect anything too gushy and romantic but you can count on sensibility to run the show and basically make everything feel better and more settled.

Expansive Jupiter turns retrograde on the 30th which may even help stabilize the economy. The trick will be to conserve the right things like our natural resources which includes our young women and men who should be out of harm's way and helping to rebuild this country. We should conserve human rights, and keep the jobs here for a decent standard of living for all.

As always, I encourage you to make it a great month.

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