August Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

So glad to have better news to report this month. Hopefully by the time you read this, the hole will still be plugged! Of course this is just the beginning of our nation's largest cleanup efforts ever! We also may need to be much more aware of what is in our air since the dispersants left much toxicity and there has been virtual silence about many things involving our safety and health. There is no way to not notice that life as we have known it is really changing tremendously on so many levels.

There is an incredible configuration called the Cardinal T Square which has been coming together since May through several important planetary shifts and transits. This is at the root of these profound life changes but is by no means the cause of them.

Many of us have gotten into our own regular grooves and ruts and badly need to change the channel. These transits merely give one the opportunity to have a freer and more meaningful life.

In my own practice, I have never  had so many clients who are questioning the very fabric of their lives and standing on the precipice where only a leap of faith will do! You are not alone if you are feeling this way and in fact if you are not, you may well be only half awake. Granted not everyone is being equally affected by these tumultuous times and if you are or have personal planets in Arie, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer especially in the earlier degrees,these words should ring particularly true.

As the month opens, Jupiter and Uranus oppose Mars and Saturn and the whole deal is being squared by Pluto. OK so you don't speak Astrologese, not a problem. 

When you think of planets opposing, you will feel a pull or a seesaw effect while the 90 degree angle called a square often creates a colliding effect between the planets involved. So... in this Cardinal T Square, we have 5 intensely energetic planets pulling and colliding with each other, each one of course needing to be heard, kind of like a dysfunctional  family Thanksgiving dinner. 

If you are an astrologer, experiment with giving a voice to each of the planets at the table and you will gain a deeper understanding of what is up with the heavens these days.

Saturn wants everything to stay the same, while Uranus would like nothing better than to push all of Saturn's stuffy old buttons and turn all structure on its head one day and sideways the next all in the name of freedom and with the  most high minded intentions.

Jupiter wants it all done on a grander scale and will inflate all it touches including the egos of the higher ups who are pulled to the left or the right. Spiritual folk from around the globe will feel called to make a collective healing uplifting circle to encompass the planet. Because of Jupiter's proximity to Uranus it will create many spontaneous events designed to promote change  as well as planetary elevation.

Pluto which is the focal point, operates like the kingpin here and thinks that all this pushing and shoving is all well and good but knows that nothing will get any better unless a totally radical approach to doing things takes place. We can have radicals of every stripe feeling this desire as well which will make it quite difficult to move forward in either direction yet there will be much effort to make such shifts. Could get really hard to tell who are the heroes and villains too.

It may feel at times like the bad guys keep getting away with everything but I do believe during Pluto's transit in Capricorn that we will see the big corporations and CEO's being exposed and ultimately penalized. If we can get some political leaders that are not beholding to Big Corp, [BIG IF] we may just create a better world. Each of us each day must make choices that will undermine the corporatization of the world so that change indeed will come from the bottom up and the top down.

Mars moves faster than the rest of the gang and can't understand why everyone is dragging their collective feet. Mars brings its aggressive energy into the picture from July 29 til Aug. 6, so this will actually be the most volatile time this summer and we will surely see this played out on the world stage at all the International hot spots.

The New Moon in Leo on Aug 9 will also see lovely Venus joining the party and no doubt bringing a more peaceful and calming influence.This should also be a very romantic as well so if you don't have a partner and want one this would be a great time to be out and about to see and be seen. The Lions an Libras will be on the prowl for sure with Aries not far behind.

Uranus slides back into Pisces for awhile on Aug 14 and that should cool things off some but could make the Pisces Full Moon more turbulent and unpredictable.

On Aug 21, Saturn will complete  the 3rd of three squares to Pluto at 3 degrees Capricorn. This can be a very challenging time for all of us economically as it will also effect the chart of our country. The hard aspect between these 2 luminaries often brings a time of struggle where survival issues are concerned so we will need to keep our collective ears to the ground to intuit  just how to roll with these changes.

A few days later, on Aug. 24,we will have a Full Moon in Pisces. Sometimes that moon will bring some big watery weather so we may need to batten down the hatches

If you are feeling outer and or inner pressure to make big life changes at this time, it is best to begin immediately getting your ducks in a row so that you can  take flight and opportunity when it presents itself. That way, you will be prepared and not feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you as well as being able to seize the moment when that brass ring comes around and calls your name.

 If you make friends with change and stay attuned to your highest purpose and deepest desires, this can not only be a rewarding time but a transformative one as well.


That slippery little trickster Mercury evaded my penetrating vision as I made my way through the planetary pile up of the Grand Cardinal Cross in my ASTROFLASH this month. Mercury indeed will be going retrograde for 3 weeks on Aug 20 until Sept.13 so do mark your calendars and try to get all your important business tied up before then or wait til after the 13th to set things in stone.

As always, I like to give my readers a little heads up to prepare for these  challenging times that occur for 3 weeks 3 x a year. These are not horrible times although some may beg to differ during some of the passages.

When a planet "appears to go retrograde", its energy is turned inward so it tends to slow everything down ascribed to the particular planet. The energy has to go in before it comes out.  This can be fine if you allow yourself to slow down with it and also take the time to be more internal.

The problem is not so much Mercury retrograde, but a Patriarchal world Yang Bang Paradigm that only values forward motion and doesn't place value in the much needed time for reflection and inner work.This of course is a more feminine energy and typically seen as less important.

One may image the White Rabbit racing through Wonderland flailing his arms crying "I'm late, I'm late", with the threats of the Red Queen ringing in his floppy ears,"Off with his Head!" How many of you have an internal or external Red Queen driving your ride?

So many of us live inside that rat race chasing our tails trying to keep up with a world wildly careening pell mell towards some hope of retirement, to one day taking that time to smell the flowers when the bills are finally paid, when the kids are finally in college, when you finally get your divorce from the one who doesn't understand you and could care less!

You have no doubt heard the typical mercury retrograde warnings.

Don't sign anything, buy anything,commit to anything permanent,refrain from large purchase especially electrical and mechanical things. Don't have sex for the first time in your new relationship when mercury goes retro[ fine chance of that happening ] Double and triple check meetings and messages and be sure to give the benefit of the doubt in controversy as nobody will really know the whole story!

OK, those are all of the DON'TS, NOW HOW ABOUT THE DO'S!!

Do take the time to De clutter your house, mind,closets,garden,and social calendar so that you can make room for the new energy coming in when Mercury goes direct which will occur this time on Sept 13. Take all those half done projects and bring them to completion and when Mercury goes direct, you will be ready to roll.

Since we do not live in a world that includes and honors down time, we need to try to integrate that into our lives much more at this time.

Its not that you can't forge ahead during the retrograde but it simply is not energy efficient.

Being a Pisces, this is a no brainer. Why swim upstream when you can go with the flow?. Works for me.

Have a chill 3 weeks if you can in this heat.


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