August's Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes features the lovely Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., and available on their website and other fine Tarot retailers' sites. -- Ed.


Wheel of Fortune (3 of Swords) 

Your reality, whatever that may be, is an interpretation of your outer experiences. Triumphs and troubles are merely labels you apply to those experiences. This, in turn, provokes certain feelings and beliefs. Understandably, then, you become caught in repetitive responses to events. However, the irony is that you help create these events by holding onto expectations. It’s time to short-circuit this feedback loop once and for all. Be mindful of how your thoughts are affecting your feelings and choose to replace repetitive thoughts with intentional ones. A change around the 9th involves more input from others than you expected; refrain from assuming the negative.


Star (7 of Cups) 

Silence is golden – it offers you pure stillness, a peaceful resonance of your oneness with everything. Although, it is also a rarity in today’s world; the value of silence has depreciated so much that our minds have developed a background chatter. A choice must be made this month, but clouds of confusion have rolled in, obscuring rational thought. Rather than analyzing your list of pros and cons, feel this one through. An emotional encounter around the 11th could leave you pointing your finger at someone, but remember that when you do so, there are three fingers pointing back at you.  


Temperance (10 of Cups) 

Finding harmony can be as easy as creating it. You’re in need of relaxation for the mind, body, and soul. There’s no ignoring it this month, as your body feels fatigued, your mind anxious, and your soul out of balance. Matters of the heart begin to permeate other areas of your life as well. Don’t wait for a special occasion to tell those you love how you feel. Love is a verb! Offer gestures that demonstrate your feelings, and infuse your own self-talk with positive messages. The weekend of the 14th is great for a romantic getaway.


World (Queen of Pentacles)  

Life is a garden that flourishes when you tend to it, and planting seeds of positive intention will help yield a beautiful harvest. An area of life you have been quite dedicated to will finally yield the fruits of your labor; however, you may also have to deal with the fruits of other, less mindful labors. This is an abundant time so make the most of it. News of a birth or pregnancy around the middle of the month brings fresh energy to your life. Take extra care of your body, too.


Sun (8 of Cups) 

Children can be amazingly present and attentive – they are as easily captivated as they are carefree. To be in this state is to be free from restrictions; attachments are relinquished, giving birth to new ways of responding. What you have been holding onto is painful and potentially destructive, and although you fear the sorrow of loss, your inability to let go is the cause of this anguish. Allow yourself the space to begin again, and like a child, focus on the experience rather than the loss. An unexpected surprise arrives around the 19th.


Strength (4 of Pentacles) 

Reactions that are disproportionate to stimuli often point to fertile areas for growth. Be wise about how you react this month; pay attention and notice that this emotion stems from a personal belief. An activating event around the New Moon on the 20th will likely trigger a bigger response than you expected. Be courageous and confront this issue as something personal, not external. In other words, use this emotion as a microscope to look closer at yourself. Be honest about how your behavior is a result of this emotional reaction. Attacking and avoiding are merely opposite sides of the same dysfunctional coping skill. 


Hierophant (Page of Cups)

Freedom to think what you want and be who you are is a noble right, indeed. However, this is often sacrificed due to insecurities. Be willing to take the risk to find your own truth rather than extracting from someone else. In doing so, you will find an inner freedom that allows you to soar to unimaginable heights. The cage of illusion requires understanding in order to break free. Understanding how your beliefs have been influenced by others offers a unique perspective on what’s really important to you. Around the 22nd, a conflict with your friend challenges a waning value – let it go and keep your friend.


Lovers (3 of Cups) 

Now is the perfect occasion to celebrate the beauty of life and the love in relating. Tell the people in your life how much you adore them – give them your highest expression of love, without needing anything in return. Live from a place of joy and acknowledge the blessings showered upon you. To really love someone is to feel compassion for them, to accept their shortcomings, share in their successes, and forgive their trivialities. The week of the 24th is prime time to fall in love or honor your present relationships. It’s also a great time for planning a party!


Devil (Ace of Wands) 

A move in the direction of individuality is a bold declaration of self which abandons the comfort of social convention and exposes the real you. When you dare to seek answers about who you are, the facade of personality must fall away, and often so does cultural conditioning. You are not merely defined by what you do, who you know, or how much you have; you are measured by what you choose to believe about yourself. Trust your own power to transform your deficiencies into perfection. The 27th is full of insights. If possible, spend the day alone.


Empress (2 of Pentacles) 

Creativity is not just a talent; it is a quality we bring to life through our relationships, attitudes, and activities. When you rely solely upon techniques or facts for self-expression, you limit yourself. The energy of life depends on a constant flow between the matter and magic; a seed becomes a flower which emanates an invisible fragrance. Revive your current projects and/or relationships by finding creative ways of approaching them. Either infuse them with joy or prune away lifeless foliage. Stay alert at the beginning of the month as a speculation from last winter will pay off.


Justice (Queen of Cups) 

Enough is enough! An emotional breakdown offers you a path to personal breakthrough; however, to find this you must release the mental habits of judgment and pessimism. Open your heart and learn to be more receptive; be curious instead of defensive. Contrary to popular belief, believing you’re right doesn’t mean you’re right. Stop pretending to know and admit that you’re confused; great wisdom comes from an open mind. The lunar eclipse on the 5th promises intense emotions. Sit still and you will glimpse a very rare aspect of your self.


Tower (Knight of Wands)

A trusted structure may offer certainty, but it can also squelch our sense of adventure. When you unquestionably invest in something or someone, you can fall for anything. Yet, when you’re clear about your intentions and aware of your shortcomings, you are able to recover sooner from devastations to the ego. A person or project you have been holding on to will let you down; there is no escaping it and no point brooding over it – move on, quickly! The weekend of the 7th brings unexpected news about travel or a move – be sure to find out the details before reacting impulsively.

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