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  August 01, 2003

Passion for teaching others about Tarot? Volunteer as the ATA's VP of Education!

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If interested in this position, please contact us at:


If you believe in the benefits of learning Tarot, you can put your passion in action by volunteering to fill an open position on the ATA board: Vice President of Education.

The VP of Education is elected for a one-year term and is a voting member of the Board. The Vice President of Education oversees the mentoring program, teaching lists, and other discussion lists. In addition, the VP of Education is responsible for the upkeep and distribution of teaching materials to students. We have systems in place that make this job easier than ever ... but the position will still require a critical eye (for evaluating course material) and a personal investment of time and effort.

We have written and gathered some exciting new teaching materials and need a capable person to oversee this program and its implementation. Any candidate must be a member in good standing of the American Tarot Association.

If you are qualified yourself or know someone else that is, please contact us via email at this address:

We hope to hear from you!



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