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Tarot Reflections

  July 2006

James Wells

James Wells is a Toronto-based tarot consultant, reiki master, writer, and workshop facilitator/teacher. He has been working, living, and playing with tarot since 1979. His choice-focused, proactive style make him a popular practitioner and presenter, at home and abroad. James's mission is to assist humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.

Please visit James' website: Assisting humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.


This set of tarot-scopes is for two months, July and August, 2006. Even tarot consultants need a bit of a break from writing during the Summer. Enjoy!

ARIES. 5 of Wands, upright.
Potential Challenges: Revamping your identity just for the sake of change. Attempting to mold others into your own image. (Isn't one of you enough?) Trying to change electrical wiring or heating ducts yourself. (Get help!)
Potential Resources: A fun outer makeover or adding an interesting change to your name. Changing roles to prevent yourself from getting stale. Fine-tuning publicity materials so they really represent who you are.

TAURUS. Magician, upright.
Potential Challenges: Trying too hard to fix things that are none of your business. Analysis paralysis. Relying too heavily on external representations of your "magick" instead of remembering that you are your best resource.
Potential Resources: Able to discern what's real and what's not real "out there". Your troubleshooting communication skills are admired and called upon. You're able to assist others to transform their consciousness at will by living out your own "magick" in the world.

GEMINI. World, upright.
Potential Challenges: Forcing yourself and/or others into choices you/they are not ready for. Too many options available. A faraway place you want to travel to is not yet available to you.
Potential Resources: Realization that every situation is an opportunity for conscious choice. International business opportunities. Having more options open than you thought you had gives you a sense of empowerment and potential wholeness.

CANCER. 8 of Wands, reversed.
Potential Challenges: A limited personal vision of who you could be. Reining in your ki (life-force) too much. Editing your soul.
Potential Resources: Getting your personal sense of self in order. Keeping the Inner Child's whims in check. An organized, orderly programme of self awareness and personal growth.

LEO. 5 of Cups, upright.
Potential Challenges: Fickleness -- changing friends or lovers at the drop of a hat. Expressing emotions in an unstable manner. Being in places where there's stormy water or unpredictable water currents.
Potential Resources: Consciously changing or refining the crowd you hang out with. Accepting emotional and relational shifts just as they are. Beverages that are "shaken up" or "stirred up" in some way. (Protein shake? Greens Plus? Others?)

VIRGO. Knight of Cups, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Obsessed about depression or addiction. Overly zealous about Spirit. (Too preachy?) Secretly hooked on someone emotionally.
Potential Resources: Focused psychic abilities. Getting all jazzed up about intimacy. Staying on track with a personal healing or recovery program.

LIBRA. Judgement, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Putting yourself through psychological or spiritual rites of passage you're not ready for. Keeping the next natural step(s) hidden or vague. Getting hooked on spiritual "highs" without doing anything about them.
Potential Resources: You're growing up psychologically or spiritually (or both). A dream or vision which indicates a rich rite of passage. An inner sense of your true vocation in the world.

SCORPIO. 10 of Pentacles, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Feeling separated from your roots or "tribe". Procrastinating around long-term commitments. Vacationing in unstable places.
Potential Resources: Taking a break from self-abuse. Pausing to assess your personal financial income. Stepping back from the notion of "luck" in order to see how you create your own "luck".

SAGITTARIUS. 7 of Wands, upright.
Potential Challenges: Public image is too scattered. Too much time in the heat. Inflated sense of importance.
Potential Resources: Expanding or diversifying the number of roles you play. Experimenting with your image or name. Opening up pathways to independence.

CAPRICORN. Hierophant, reversed.
Potential Challenges: So immersed in your own philosophy that you can't accept that of others. Unconscious doctrinal programming. Hidden spiritual or religious agendas.
Potential Resources: Your core belief system, morals, etc. are solid and unshakeable. One-on-one teaching and learning. Classes or courses taken over the internet, by correspondence, or through teleclasses (not in person).

AQUARIUS. 7 of Cups, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Psychic dabbling. Getting "gamey" with your one-on-one intimate relationship(s). Experimenting with drugs, booze, or other unhealthy mind-altering substances.
Potential Resources: Expanding your intuitive abilities. Expanding your awareness of the wisdom of the unconscious. Playing under water (snorkelling, scuba diving, etc.).

PISCES. 10 of Wands, upright.
Potential Challenges: Putting off your freedom until "someday". Hesitant to express yourself publicly. Too much self analysis.
Potential Resources: Stepping out of your own way. Time out from your usual roles. Taking yourself out of the summer heat when necessary.

All good things,


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