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  July 01, 2003

International Tarot Experts Teach in Toronto
June 2003

Contact Information


Amy L. Lee-Rosenberg, Symposium Manager

James P. Wells, Programme Director


Toronto Tarot Symposium

c/o Canadian Health Management Group

717 Bloor Street West

Suite 8

Toronto, Ontario

M6G 1L5

416 - 892 - 8747

1 - 866 - 748 - 8747


On July 18 through 20, people will gather at Sam Sorbara Hall, University of Toronto, for the Toronto Tarot Symposium. This gathering will provide a forum for people to explore and enrich their understanding of tarot, whether expert, novice, or just plain curious.

Nine presenters, from Canada, the U.S., and Great Britain will offer presentations on such varied topics as tarot as a therapeutic tool, creating a deck, combining tarot with labyrinth, exploring past lives, do's and don'ts of a tarot consultation, tarot and numerology, and knowing your holy guardian angel.

James Wells, a respected Toronto tarot consultant and the symposium's Program Director, says, "I'm excited about an event which takes tarot out of the realm of tacky fortune-telling and demonstrates its versatility as a means of self-empowerment, depth, and creativity." Amy Lee-Rosenberg, another Toronto tarot practitioner and the Symposium Manager adds, "This is a first for Toronto. It'll be great to have so many interesting people under one roof."

In recent years, tarot has gained not only popularity, but also respect. One can now read literature on the subject by psychologists, anthropologists, theologians, and doctoral students. The colourful pasteboards contain symbols which not only depict outward events, but also point to something deeper and greater within the human psyche.


WHEN: Saturday, July 19 & Sunday, July 20, 2003. We begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday (registration). We end around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday (the conclusion of the closing ritual). There will be a welcome cocktail party at 7 p.m. on Friday, the 18th.

WHERE: Sam Sorbara Hall, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. Very central. Before and/or after the symposium, you can take in the joys of our vibrant city - theatre, shopping, sight-seeing, walking along the harbor-front, lounging on Toronto Island, parks and ravines, fabulous bars and restaurants, or whatever you choose.


* Mary Greer. Do's & Don'ts of An Interactive Tarot Consultation

* Norma Cowie. Tarot and Past Lives

* James Wells. Walking the Arcana: Tarot & the Labyrinth

* Bev Haskins. The Path With Heart: The Major Arcana and You

* Paul Hughes-Barlow. Parallel Universes & the Tarot

* Amy Lee-Rosenberg. Tarot and Numerology

* Tom Tadfor Little. The Creation of a Wiccan Tarot Deck

* Marcia Masino. Tarot Image Therapy

* Rachel Pollack. A Walk In the Forest of Souls

HOW MUCH: Only $400 CAN! Day rate is $225 CAN. Besides meaningful rituals, scintillating presentations, and great space, the fee also includes lunch & dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.

ACCOMMODATIONS: The Sorbara residences (dorms) at St. Michael's College, University of Toronto. These single rooms are air-conditioned and have an in-room sink. You can easily get to the Convention Centre from here by transit or by taxi. These rooms are only $75 CAN per night! That's only about $50 US per night for our American friends! For those who would prefer hotel accommodations, please contact us for details or go to

PAYMENT: For logistical reasons on our end, please pay for your conference and accommodations separately. Checks or money orders are payable to Canadian Health Management Group. You can also use Visa or MasterCard! Please send payments to the address at the bottom of this message.

NOTE TO VENDORS: We invite you to have a booth at "Tarot For All". High-quality Tarot-, healing-, and magick-related products (artwork, decks, books, cloths, bags, robes, jewelry, essential oils, statuary, etc.) are encouraged. Cost for space rental for Saturday and Sunday is $200 CAN.

PRIVATE TAROT CONSULTATIONS: Our presenters will be available for a limited number of Tarot consultations during break times. Sessions are a half-hour in length. The fee is $60 CAN, payable, in cash, to the person with whom you have a consultation.

Do come and join us. Remember, it's TAROT FOR ALL!



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