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June 14 2007

Editor's Corner
Norreida Reyes

Norreida Reyes, VP Outreach

Norreida Reyes

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Welcome to the changing Tarot Reflections! My name is Norreida Reyes (aka Faerwyn Alcyntar), VP of Outreach and the new Editor of Tarot Reflections. It is my goal to recreate TR into an interactive, informative, and entertaining online magazine. I am researching new design templates, but beyond that, your ideas and inputs would be invaluable.

Would you like to see some Tarot humor in TR? Business Advice? Tarot riddles and puzzles? Contests? If your lightbulb is going off, I'd love to know about it! This is YOUR online magazine, let's make it one you can't wait to read!

We will also have classifieds, opinion/editorial articles, and letters to the editor. All letters and articles are subject to editing for grammar and appropriate language, but the intent of the content will be fully the author's.

We are seeking regular contributors for the following: Tarotscopes; Short Serial Original Fiction; Poetry; and Tarot Business Advice. Please contact me if you would like to apply for a volunteer position as a regular TR contributor in one of those areas.

Please always feel free to contact me with your suggestions and ideas. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to bring you the new Tarot Reflections. Be on the look out for our new design in July!

Be well, be wise, be ready,


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