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June 14, 2007


Stephanie Arwen Lynch

Stepanie Arwen Lynch, President American Tarot Association, has read professionally for over 20 years. You can reach her at her Tarot business site, Tarot By Arwen.



Each sign of the zodiac has inherent qualities just as each card in the Tarot does. Let's see what the Tarot sees for each sign from June 15 - July 15. This time is also during the second Mercury retrograde of the year.


Your card is Justice. Blind, Justice stands ready to wield the sword of truth if called upon. The key here is "if called upon." Do not volunteer yourself during this time if you can help it, Aries. You may be a natural leader, but everyone deserves some down time. And if approached by a friend to mediate an argument or settle a dispute, remember that you must be balanced and fair. Even if it means drawing a line that others may not cross. You have to stay true to yourself during this time, Aries. I recommend lowering that blindfold to cover your mouth as well. That way you can't speak and get into more trouble.


Your card is the 5 of Swords. Your world has already been somewhat shaky through your birthday. Realize that you are paying for past wounds as well as being paid for rewards owed. Unfortunately sometimes they feel like the same thing. Your family situation may be less than peaceful now as well. With Mercury in Retrograde, you are going to have to work harder to make yourself understood. Reticent Bulls will find this extremely challenging. Just try to remember that even in the midst of strife, if you have your integrity, you have everything you need.


Your card is the 6 of Cups. Celebrate your birthday with an old friend, Gemini! This is a good time for you to wax nostalgic about places you've been and people you've known. It's going to be an emotional retrograde anyway so why not go with the flow this time? Perhaps it is time to journal about the journey that life has set you on. Don't worry too much about the future right now. This time is for you to look backwards with a grateful smile for all the lessons you have learned and all the friendships you have earned.


Your card is the 10 of Swords. Watch out for that tendency to fall into victim thinking, Crab. Yes, this has probably not been a very stellar time for you with Mercury backing up right through the majority of your birthday. And you've probably been a little more scattered than normal making your friends and family wonder if your mental pen has run out of ink. Buck up and don't let your own self-esteem issues sabatoge you any further. You do have someone to turn to for help, but you have to make the first move.


Your card is the 10 of Wands. As always, Leo, you have a problem saying no to others. Yes, they may need you, but can you afford to spread yourself that thin? How many more things can you take on before you collapse from exhaustion? Even the mighty Lion is not immune to being overworked. It is within your control to manage your time so that you can do more than everyone else and still have some precious free time. This retrograde may make others not understand when you tell them you can't. Keep saying it until they understand. Leo, your word for the month is "no". Your phrase is "find someone else."


Your card is the 6 of Swords. Get ready, Virgo. The time to move is at hand. You may not expect the help (you Virgoes are so used to doing it all by yourself so it is done right) but you will be receiving help from someone very unexpected. You need to focus during this retrograde on getting everything in order. This trip may come up a little sooner than you expected, but you will be moving to a better place in your life. And do ask for help. I know that's difficult for the perfectionist in you. Still, this is going to take more than your energy to get through.


Your card is the 3 of Wands. Dear Libra! Always caught in the middle of making a decision, aren't you? Here we see the ultimate "waiting for your ship to come in". My advice to you is to remember this… Sometimes it is faster to swim out to your ship than to wait for it. How much of your life has been spent waiting for someone else? You are the harmony-seekers of the Zodiac. You rarely push and shove to get to the front of the crowd and it is a rare Libra who asks for what they need. This emotional retrograde is going to be hard enough for you. Don't compound it by expecting others to read your mind. Speak up, Libra, and tell us what you want when that ship comes to shore.


Your card is the 9 of Cups. This is a great card for you intense Scorpios. This is the 'make a wish' card. Even in a retrograde, you can get what you want. The real problem for you is going to be deciding what it is that you want. Maybe your wish needs to be an open one. Ask the Universe to send you what will help you the most. And as always, be very careful what you wish for. With this card in your stars, you are more than likely to get it!


Your card is the Hanged Man. Your desire to learn is going to be met, but you impatient Archers are going to have to practice waiting. Knowledge is the Holy Grail for most Sagittarians. However you are not going to have it handed to you. You do have to suffer to learn this thing you want to know. That teacher you are waiting for isn't looking for you. You must do some more preparation and start asking for that teacher yourself. Now is the time to put yourself on the tree and prepare yourself for what is to come. This retrograde is going to be rough on you Archers. Try to find all those lost library books and return them!


Your card is the Knight of Cups. Sorry, Capricorn! Your emotions are going to be at the front of everything no matter how hard you try to hide them. You are going to feel a bit overwhelmed by your own response to someone else's emotional upheaval. Remember to be gentle with yourself. That's going to get you through a lot of the rough spots this retrograde. And do write things down if you are already forgetful. It isn't that you don't care enough to remember. Your brain simply categorizes and prioritizes without taking others emotions into play.


Your card is the 4 of Cups. Aquarius, this retrograde is going to put you into a tailspin if you are not careful. When you feel pulled down into the dumps, try to focus on what you have rather than what (or who) you don't have. Remorse for things you've lost will not bring them back to you and you stand to lose what you do have or what is on the horizon if you wallow in self pity. You Water-Bearers can lock yourselves into your heads sometimes. This is not a time for that. Let yourself feel and move on, Aquarius. Now is not the time to look backwards.


Your card is the Fool. Careful, Fishes! It is good to move forward, but you might want to look down first. When the Fool comes calling during a retrograde, I have to worry that you will have a few false starts. If you have already experienced this, you know how frustrating it can be to see your big dream go up in smoke. So this time, don't hesitate, but also keep your eyes wide open. You could be at the brink of something very big!

The images used for this article are from the World Spirit Tarot by Jessica Sczuka Godino (Author), Lauren O'Leary (Author). Published by: Llewellyn Publications ISBN-10: 1567185002 or ISBN-13: 978-1567185003.


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