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Tarot Reflections

  June 2006

Trump Meditations

Olympias is an ATA member and a Certified Tarot Instructor through the Tarot Certification Board of America. She is also High Priestess of Hecate's Torch in Roswell, New Mexico.

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The Trumps (Major Arcana) represent the soul’s path in life and challenges. Separate the Trumps from the rest of the deck and shuffle the, place them face down and fan them out. Pick one. Notice the colors, symbolism, and reach a personal idea of what the card means to you right now.

Look down the list for the meditation that corresponds to the card you pulled. Consider the card and the message for you. Let it be a guide and a cosmic hug on your journey. The first line for each Trump is a general meaning; the second is an affirmation for your consideration.

Blessings to you and yours!

  Beginnings and choices to be made; inaction is a choice as well.
I am open to the possibilities life presents and ready to forge ahead.
I will explore life and all the paths I find along the way.

  Will power, abilities and knowledge.
My potential flows from my own creative skills.
I make myself happy. I am the artist of my life’s picture.

High Priestess
  Intuitiveness, seeking the unknown, finding answers.
I will allow myself to trust my inner feelings.
I examine my fears without emotion and embrace them as part of myself.

  Beauty, nurturing, material well-being, emotions with others.
I feel my inner power, security and experiences.
I create my own harmony. I will treat myself.

  Discovery, leadership, reason over emotions.
I trust my abilities and power. I lead myself then I can serve others.
I have authority in my life.

  Spiritual well-being and contemplation, teacher, advisor.
I listen to my own heart and inner voice above all others.
I am my own teacher and best friend.

  Relationships, heart matters, love of self and people.
I accept and love myself.
I can accept and love others for themselves.

  Advantages through change, imposing of self will and control.
I prepare myself for change and being an influence in the world.
I have the right to my opinions.

  Courage, seeing things through to conclusion.
I will not give up on myself or give in to others.
I will not run away from life for I cannot run away from myself.

  Introspective pause, wisdom from experience and enlightenment.
I do not fear being alone with myself.
I am my own guide and best friend in life. For only I know my life’s experiences and lessons.

Wheel of Fortune
  Luck, the unexpected, beginnings, expansions and endings, cyclical life cycles.
Life is change and I am flexible to curve balls.
I make my own luck by planning for the unexpected, but I do not fear it.

  Balance and harmony in your personality.
I am willing and open to new ideas and learning.
There are few if any absolutes in my life unless I choose them for a time.

Hanged Man
  Wisdom from the spiritual, self sacrifice, reflection of position.
I will break unhealthy patterns in my life that do not serve me well.
I will not allow myself or others to physically or emotionally abuse me.

  Transformations, renewals or rebirth. Old ways give over to new methods.
I am free and unshackled by my past.
I look ahead, not behind for the future.

  Combinations, coordination, management and adaptability.
I am open to the divine for my creative energy.
I blend the ingredients, which make up my life. And I can change them.

  Feelings of bondage to others ways or thoughts, acting out emotions, humor or seriousness in your life.
I will not allow myself to be victimized!
I will laugh rather than be frightened by situations or others. I control, create and destroy my own fears.

  Change, stubbornness, reactions, results of decisions.
Everything that happens in my life has a reason and is good in hindsight. I will not give in to guilt or regret, as they cannot change the past.
I give myself permission to forgive myself.

  Possibilities, potential, inspiration, confidence in the future.
I trust my decisions and myself.
I embrace the adventure of life. I heal from new experiences.

  Imagination, dreams, psychic abilities. Testing your self.
I use intuitiveness as a tool, not as a crutch in my life.
It will aid me, but not make my decisions. I am responsible for my actions.

  Attainment, satisfaction, fulfillment, achievements and contentment.
I am happy with my life and myself.
I am doing my best and take pride in my personal excellence. I will reward myself.

  Awakening, renewal, revelations and self-changes.
I will notice situations in my life and not allow them to throw me off balance.
I will answer the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers in my life and minimize the ‘maybes’ as these can sometimes create extra baggage. I will begin and end each day with a smile.

  Conclusions and new beginnings as a result, completion, self-analysis.
I am comfortable myself. I am part of the universal fabric.
“I searched outside myself for answers.
I followed clues I thought were mine
I found Self was also on the journey,
And was in me all the time.”


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