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Tarot Reflections

June 2006

My Inner Angel

My Inner Angel is the monthly contribution of a group of dedicated Tarot readers/lovers.

This group of friends taps from the Tarot wisdom each month, with the aim of channeling the vibes of the universe.

Some cards are drawn for the month to come, and these cards are synthesized into a poem and an article elaborating a little more on the poem's messages.

The members of the group are:
Arielle S.
Bev C.
Dennis C.
Hic C.
Mark M.
Maureen M.
Pablo L.
Peggy G.
Vasiliki P.


Cards and Initial Comments forJune

From the Tiny Universal Waite - Two of Swords

Stay still
Absorb the sounds
the waves
the music.

Let all these swords
pierce into your

Stay still
and some day
in your ears
there will come
the whisper.

It has always been

But you needed to have
a deeply pierced heart
to hear it.

What is it you are not "seeing" ?

From Tarot of the Spirit - Four of Water / The Flood

Remove the Emotional blinders and move toward the opportunities that are available at this time. Only then will you quench that creative thirst .

Sum Card

51+39 =90
9+0 = 9 Hermit


Waiting can be

Listening to the prompt
Of this inner voice
A voice almost

Against what people call
Against the odds
Against the visible

Knowing there is something
That almost can't be touched
Yet this is all that is worth
Fighting for

And this is where courage
Springs from
A minor detail that some day
Will widen your horizons

A drop of innocence
That may quench
The thirst of your psyche
Exactly when
You have stopped

Dear friends, as we are approaching the summer solstice, we want to wish you an enlightening summer, one that will show you the value of simple things, and the importance of believing. Believing in people's goodness, believing in tenderness, believing in understanding and compassion. There is a fine line between compassion and manipulation, and feeling free from personal expectations can make all the difference. And, perhaps, we shouldn't forget that to give one has to give oneself first. Full acceptance. Our best wishes for a summer that will stay close to your heart for years.


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