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It seems like I am always saying "It's hard to believe it's already *insert month here*" but I cannot fathom how fast time is flying.  June already.  Nearly halfway through the year.  Wow.  The seasons are changing--this month summer is here with the Solstice.  Other things are changing too.  I upgraded some of the stuff I use to produce each issue of Tarot Reflections this month to take advantage of some new features and fixes for some of the ongoing issues--so if you think it looks a little different, you are right!  Since we have made some changes, please let me know at if you have problems viewing the issue.

Some nice things, though, haven't changed.  Like the announcement of the winner of our May contest!

Congratulations, Anna Lindberg of Sweden!

Anna correctly guessed the bit of card was from the Magician in the Indian Tarot, and won the new Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding, published by Schiffer.  Anna's deck should be on its way to her in Sweden as I am writing this.

Other nice things include the great articles submitted by our contributors this month!  Enjoy the issue and don't forget to enter this month's contest!

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