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Tarot Reflections

May 2006

Meditation: Nine of Pentacles
Michelle Swan, Tarot Reader

Michelle Swan is a Tarot Reader and actress from The Bronx, New York. She fell in love with Tarot cards about four years ago, and has been a devoted lover ever since that time. Michelle has found her personal and spiritual development has flourished with the use of Tarot.

"I am delighted to write the Tarot Meditations and I hope you all enjoy reading them as well. Bright blessings to all!"

Michelle can be reached via email:


Sit on the floor and allow the worries of the day to slide off of you. Focus your mind on one image of a sturdy tree full of snow shining in the moonlight. Smell the wind full of pine, cinnamon and winter berries. Now close your eyes and we shall begin.

The moon hangs low in a sky full of beauty. You are alone, walking with a green cloak on, and your footsteps are crunching softly in the snow. The crisp midnight air gives you an extra jolt of excitement. You stop and sit down on a hollowed out log. There is an owl hooting in the distance.

You look at your watch; it reads 12:12 AM. Then it happens - you look up at the sky and see them floating down from heaven. At first glance it looks like snow. You reach for one in your hand. It is a fragile green coin shaped in a pentacle. You remember a legend that states when winter comes, your bounty of all the hard work you have done all year will rain down from the sky. A story perhaps, yet now so real. How hard or lightly do pentacles rain down upon your head? As you pick up each one, a moment or a word of focused intent vibrates in each one. You can remember what you did and how it gave you momentum for the next thing you worked on. What you search for most of all is the nine of pentacles. It is said to be in the shape of the one thing you worked, believed in, and focused all your energy on for a year’s time.

You can stay here as long as you want. Gather your harvest in a small green bag to take home with you. When you find your nine of pentacles, you know that is time to go. How big or small your treasure is depends on you. When you are ready to leave count to nine, then you’ll be back in you reality.

How was your midnight rambling with the nine of pentacles? Did it show clearly what you have been focusing your energy on and what you have gotten in return? Spend the next two weeks on all you hard work has given you and what you need to focus on or let go of.


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