Walking a Rainbow Path

By Flash Silvermoon

For me, there is nothing more important than my spiritual path which I am knowing and understanding more each day. I have walked this path for many many moons calling myself or being called a Witch, Shaman, Healer,Pagan, and certainly a Goddess Worshipper. I enjoy working with Wicca, Yoruba, Native American, Feng Shui, Tantric paths and others.

I finally recognize and have words for this eclectic path that I walk and it is a Rainbow Path where we honor diversity with many traditions. This is in no way meant to water down any traditions but rather to embrace each unique part and hold Sacred that which resonates.

For me this is a decidedly Womanspirit path yet one that goes beyond the Western European and Celtic styles that have been the mainstay of my circles for some 20 years. 

You might think that after working for 25+ years on the Wise Woman's Tarot, which is among other things, a Global View of the Goddess, creating Womanspirit Rising 1990, which was the first Multi-traditional Women's Spirituality Gathering in the South at least, or surely the creation of the Annual Wise Woman Festival which is in its 6th year MAY 16 AND 17 should surely have tipped me off to the fact that I had gone Global, had become larger than one tradition and that this was done by me with intention or moved through me by the Goddess.

It is not unusual for my intellect to play catch up with my intuition. I essentially follow my inner guidance and do what appears to be my mission and then understand it intellectually later which is the opposite of how Western and mainstream folk go about their lives.

I am content to swim through the cosmic waters in my own unique style and I rarely feel the need to define myself. 

At this point though, it feels so important to not only claim this Rainbow Path that I walk but to embrace it so that I may experience it more fully and share with others of a like mind as well.

I have so enjoyed getting to know other Priestesses and Priests, Shamans, and Medicine Women whose spirituality, like mine, is as much a part of them as their own skin. It is refreshing for me to meet with others who coexist with me on the Mother and see the world through a similar and more heartful lens.

Our ways are more tribal and inclusive and do not bow to the traditions and expectations of the corporate world. We approach the world with a vision and a deep dream of peace and harmony as well as a desire for us each to become a positive flashpoint for positive change, justice and healing.

Leadership is important yet we need to move away from the more hierarchical ways of most traditions and seek to empower the individuals. 

There's no getting away from the fact that some of us have worked our entire lives serving as Priestesses and teachers and we just know more.  However, that doesn't mean we should hold on to that position for dear life and not teach others to one day be able to step up as well.

I think that it is really interesting that these spiritual changes inside me have occurred during Pluto's journey through the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius.The very nature of this  mutable fire-sign is to blend, expand and transmute while Pluto ruler of mass consciousness and the Great Transformer, is all about spiritual growth and change. What could be a more expansive view for a Goddess-Worshipper than to integrate a world view of the Divine Feminine! 

We Elders do deserve our space, honor and respect and we need to be conscious of our responsibility to help create the New World being birthed as the Blue Star whirls and swirls pitching us to and fro in this Cauldron of seeming Chaos.

It is no longer possible to "not know" where we are to place our energies. Ignorance is not bliss and we each need to find that magical space where we can be most in touch with the inner and outer Goddess.

Blessings Flash Silvermoon

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