May 2009 Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

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Justice (2 of Swords) 

The notion of right and wrong has long been debated; however, when it comes to establishing your own set of standards, you may want to look beyond social norms. A stressful situation may be easier to remedy if you realize you’ve been stuck in black and white thinking. Indecision is keeping you from moving in a particular direction. There is no perfect time – or choice, for that matter – there is only action in the present. Around the 19th, you will encounter an experience that will test your ethics; impartial thinking is required now. 


Emperor (Knight of Cups) 

Life can sometimes seem so serious that we cut ourselves off from experiencing pleasure. Caught up in fulfilling our responsibilities, we often forget that our inner world deserves the same attention. Your list of obligations may double this month, and equally, so will your need for peace. Find a way to balance work with pleasure, or you may get burned out. Around the 21st, it’s likely that a charming young man or woman will enter your life. If you’re open to dating, this is great; if you’re not, be careful to not be swept away by fantasy.


Sun (6 of Wands) 

Life is full of glorious opportunities when you make the most of what you are given. You will likely attract a new situation that seems ordinary on the surface, yet once in it, the situation will reveal extraordinary potential. Do not discount a small reward or achievement you receive around the New Moon on the 24th; contained within this is your key to success. Take the initiative to put yourself and your projects out in the open – this is your time for recognition. Also, make a point to acknowledge others, giving generous compliments and warm sentiments.


Chariot (Ace of Swords) 

Conflicts are a natural part of life, but it’s how we manage ourselves through them that dictates the ways in which we do, or do not, overcome them. You will be faced with a challenge that requires your fullest attention – if you allow yourself to react without focus, you will be defeated. Feelings of anger will likely rise to the surface, but like a skillful charioteer, you must direct your impulses wisely. Around the 27th, your patience will be tested as unfinished business from last fall turns up more unexpected consequences. Handle this maturely and all will be fine.


Hermit (5 of Cups)

Loss is an intimate part of life, and uncomfortable as it may be, there is always something to be learned from our grief. This is a valuable time to go within for answers. If feelings of regret or sorrow are permeating your mood, it’s time to question what you allow to affect you, and realize that spending too much time brooding over lost opportunity is costing you. The last week of the month brings up emotional baggage from the past. Rather than crying over spilled milk, find the blessing in the lesson, and let it go! 


Judgment (Ace of Pentacles)

Values are crucial for directing our behavior, and whether you admit it or not, all behavior serves a purpose. In a sea of contrasting personalities, finding common ground with others unites us and decreases our differences. Around the 2nd, you will be confronted with the effects of your own invalid deeds, and something you have invested your energy in for the sake of popularity will unfortunately produce results you are now obligated to. Be hesitant with what you commit to, and honest about why.


Fool (Queen of Swords) 

Expectations are inevitable when starting out on a new journey, but they can fence you in before you even begin. No amount of planning will prepare you for the surprising twist this month. Around the 5th, a scent of adventure may lure you off your beaten path. Equipped with nothing more than your sharp wit, you’ll do fine to take this detour. Don’t hold too tightly to your convictions, or they will cause more strife than you can handle. It would be wise to avoid female woman authority figures unless you are armed with facts and figures.


High Priestess (Knight of Pentacles)

We ask for signs and messages from the great unknown and then close our eyes – why? Notice your environment and how it plays an essential role in your well-being. If you are wondering when things will be different, nurture this by being proactive and making them different. Find ways to facilitate your resources instead of complaining about what’s missing. Messages around the Full Moon on the 8th will come in the form of an animal guide, either literally or through your dreams. If possible, get outside and connect with nature, take a walk, and listen to the subtleties within you.


World (5 of Wands)

Problems arise and recede like the waves of the ocean, but no one ever promised life would be easy. Take a look at what’s been bothering you lately and remember that, in some way, you have contributed to the onset and/or upkeep of this issue. Before getting defensive, keep in mind that acknowledging this offers you the power to change it. The solution to this quandary could cause a blow to your ego, but nevertheless, you will have the freedom to choose how you react. The week of the 10th brings several minor altercations – turn the drama into a comedy. 


Hanged Man (King of Wands)

Suspended between two worlds of action and surrender, the grand paradox of life unfolds; as you voluntarily give up your expectations, a new perspective materializes. When you fully trust in your talents and know how to use them, you recognize that difficulties are part of the path – what once appeared as an obstacle is really an opportunity. Use this pause as permission to take risks in areas you might not otherwise. After the 17th, projects will pick up more momentum. Until then, try a little reverse psychology and do the opposite of what you’d normally do.


Strength (7 of Pentacles)

In circumstances of distress, it’s common to look for practical solutions and natural to feel anxiety. The test is not so much in how we overcome this, but in how we relate to it. There will always be competing internal impulses, which you will expend large amounts of energy trying to control. The goal is to charm the beast within, not subdue it. A project you have been working diligently on will likely go unnoticed, and although your instinct may be to quit and get upset, act gracefully by redirecting your irritation into determination. Conserve your energy on the 16th.


Empress (7 of Cups)

The imagination is a tool that can be used to serve or sever our relationship to reality. If you are not careful, your desire to explore other dimensions may lead you in directions that are unhealthy and potentially dangerous. So find healthy ways to express your creativity and connect with the unknown. The potential for self-awareness is contingent upon this. During the middle of the month, the evanescent bubble surrounding an ideal relationship is popped and you come face-to-face with something you wish you hadn’t. No need to run away, though – this is an opportunity to see your own projections more clearly. 

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