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The month of May this year is chock full of Taroty goodness!  Ruthann and Wald Amberstone of the Tarot School host their amazing Reader's Studio the first weekend in May, then World Tarot Day on May 25th, and throughout the month, the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Waite Smith (a.k.a. Rider Waite Smith) deck and the artwork of Pamela Coleman Smith, illustrator of the ubiquitous deck!

First, though, let's deal with a celebration of our own and announce the winner of the April Contest!

Congratulations, Diane Steinberg of Moore, South Carolina!

Diane correctly identified the card snippet as Justice from the White Light Tarot.  We will get the White Light Tarot and book out to her right away!  Thanks for playing, Diane!

We have a new contest for this month, so if you've never played, you should!  The odds of winning are really great!

We have another big issue for you!  Gary Meister has contributed an article about Tarot Reversals!  We apologize for not having the PDF downloads available for the last installment of Gary's Numerology lessons.  We are still trying to come up with a work around.  Please email me at if you would like me to send you specific PDFs or the whole set and I will be happy to... and again, apologies for the inconvenience!

Melanie Harris brings us an interview with Den Elder, founder of World Tarot Day, and we have features by Jeanne Fiorini, Terri C., Leean Lester, Cheryl Hill and Andrew Harris.

May you find a way to celebrate Tarot not just on World Tarot Day or this month, but every day!

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