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  May 01, 2003

Wisdom Reading
James Wells

James Wells is a Toronto-based Tarot Consultant, Reiki Master, weaver of rituals, and workshop facilitator. His mission is to provide sacred space for soul work and constructive feedback so that all may enjoy insight and healing. He can be reached through his website.

  It is this writer's hope that all who read this column pull out cards from their own decks at home and come up with fresh answers and/or even richer questions.

To look at today's queries, I'm using the Jungian Tarot by Robert Wang.

Thanks to the anonymous person who asked me to explore this question. I appreciate and value you very much.

What is strength?

TEMPERANCE. The image shows us a figure in white who stands behind a raised piece of stone land. Atop this stone is a crater or cauldron, much like the summit of an active volcano. On one side, fire, on the other, water. The figure pours the opposite into each. In the middle ground is flat and green, a lawn or meadow. In the background is a dark gray mountainous region where ten white tapers burn brightly.

So, how might we see these things in light of our question, "What is strength"? Strength is the ability to unite opposites and to hold that tension with grace and equilibrium. Real strength is moderation and dignity, a capacity to temper the urge to travel to extremes, ever aware that too much fire can incinerate, too much water can drown.

To be strong is also to treat life as a sort of laboratory where one can play with the elements, combine those things which we don't normally think of as compatible, and objectively see what happens. Remembering that Trump 14 is the pathway and mediator between Yesod (Moon) and Tiphareth (Sun), and that in this particular image bright candles shine in the dark, we can also say that strength is to consciously walk the road of paradox, to be in a state where night and day coexist in harmony.

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