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Tarot Reflections

  May 01, 2003

Journeys on the Tree of Life:
The Wheel of Fortune
Charlene Salvaggio, PTR/RM

Charlene Salvaggio is an Artist, Reiki Master Intuitive. She lives in Ogunquit, Maine and shares various Healing Arts. She can be reached by email or through her website. 


Welcome back wisdom voyagers!

We last gathered on Death's doorstep, Path 24 just outside the luminous center of (6) BEAUTY, best known by the natives as "Tipareth," in the center of the Tree of Life.

Reborn, we move on to discover the exciting new avenues that open before us.

As we gather our gear and polished gems of wisdom and understanding, we brush off all the binding old dust and spent wrappers, recycling them and taking only what we need to appreciate our next destination, (7) VICTORY.

Opening our maps, we learn this city is otherwise known as "Netzach" and will lead us Northerly to Path 21 to the WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Let us embark upon the place of VICTORY.

Under the influence of Venus, we note the visions surrounding us, they bring tears to our eyes. Emotionally inspired by all the creative passion and energy bubbling forth from this active force, we joyfully embrace each other. We have come a long way as individuals, yet we could not have done it alone.

We shake each others' hands, slap a few high fives. We may even place our emblem on the face of our defeated conquest. This is accomplishment at its finest hour. Let us savor this temporary reward as we fortify ourselves in this joyous strength.

Drinking from this cup of supplication, we venture confidently to confront the ever-challenging circle ahead. With renewal and victory at our feet. We briskly move through this city to claim our fortune.

Like soldiers we keep a proud, rhythmic pace of productive mileage for a quite distance when we encounter an unexpected checkpoint. Ahead for miles people have gathered.

The closer we get to the crowd, we notice two roads. One road going up and the other heading down.

We struggled with what would be the fastest route but our instincts called to our patience. Instantly,  a voice reminds us;  "Be tolerant of the valuable lessons of our own and others, ups and downs!"

We are soon drawn to the front of the line and entering through the center of a great wheel.

We step in and securely fastened ourselves to the seat of balance.

Now realizing that any other way of arrival, the high road or the low road would never have been more centered than the natural one step at a time approach of which we patiently selected. We really could have gone either way and found ourselves, by chance, thrown off the wheel with the next turn.

From this centered perspective we can see the full spectrum of the circle as it surrounds us from our nestled hub. We need not be preoccupied about the outcome leaving us hanging in the lurch. The wheel takes us rolling through the unlimited possibilities of cyclic growth, chances and plans.  Centered, the wheel is like an amusement ride, or slot machine, designed to keep things ever revolving and unpredictable. The big wheel keeps on turning, bringing a deeper understanding of the random mysterious laws of change and complacency at work. Hold on to your seat!


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