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Tarot Reflections

  April 15, 2005

James Wells

James Wells is a Toronto-based tarot consultant, reiki master, writer, and workshop facilitator/teacher. He has been working, living, and playing with tarot since 1979. His choice-focused, proactive style make him a popular practitioner and presenter, at home and abroad. James's mission is to assist humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.

Please visit James' website: Assisting humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.


This month, my deck of choice for the tarot-scopes is the Ukiyoe Tarot, a set of clean and elegant Japanese images.

ARIES. Judgment. April brings you a large rite of passage or graduation of sorts. You find a sense of calling and walk through the gateway to the next phase of your life in order to fulfill that calling. Many of you could encounter a like-minded community of people who share your calling or vision. It's a month of "aha!"

TAURUS. Knight of Wands. You're self-focused this month, not in a pompous sort of way, but rather in what I call a "selfly" manner. This could involve more alone time, definitely more independence. You're becoming more enthused about public roles you play. More outdoor activities help you to find more aspects of your identity.

GEMINI. The Devil, reversed. You set cleaner boundaries with yourself, perhaps around material or health-related matters. If there's any sense of restriction or limitation, look within. The only one imposing any "fences" on you is you. April is a good time to do shadow work, to explore the inner demons and treasures that you have not yet acknowledged.

CANCER. The High Priestess, reversed. This month has you forging your own spiritual path by exploring spirituality from your own point of view and on your own terms. You are your own best psychic in April, getting rich intuitive flashes of information from a place deep within yourself. Some of you may have a secret about yourself that you’re aching to tell -- keep it under your hat for now.

LEO. 8 of Wands. You're re-assessing who you are in the world, organising which roles to play at what moments and whether or not you like those roles. There's a lot of creativity waiting to burst out, but you might feel as though it's restricted in April. That's OK -- you need to figure out who to be first. Some Leo folks may be drawn to a disciplined martial arts or energy work programme.

VIRGO. 4 of Swords, reversed. In April, you're comfortable enough with your own philosophy or worldview to act on it. You no longer need the "official" stamp of approval on what you believe or on how you express it. The quiet creation of written materials is fulfilling this month, as are one-on-one conversations about your deepest thoughts. Pretty peaceful overall.

LIBRA. 6 of Cups. Relationships of all sorts are harmonious, reliable, and comfortable. Some may be too comfy, so they'll feel boring. Fear not, a little emotional regularity is a good thing. You're regularly in tune with your emotions and are OK with feeling them for a change. It's a good rehearsal for how you'd like to feel and act with a more intimate relationship(s) in your life.

. Page of Swords, reversed. April is a month of getting over your hesitations to speak to people about your beliefs and innermost thought patterns. You recommit to a philosophical or spiritual worldview that has sit on the back burner for a while, but perhaps in a more rebellious or personalised form. Your curiosity is piqued and unstoppable -- questions are your best tools right now. Keep asking!

SAGITTARIUS. Queen of Swords. People are talking to you, and you to them, more like a grown-up now. Wading through the B.S. has been worth it! A long-established community provides much-desired intellectual stimulation, conversation, and helpful information. You're the information expert in April -- milk it for all it's worth, Sagittarius! Study or writing could come to a natural peak. Get ready to share it soon.

CAPRICORN. The Empress, reversed. It's pampering time, Capricorn! People want to nurture you, take care of you, "mom" you. This is very cool, but just be sure that some of them don't become smother mothers who give you no breathing space. Some of you could be reflecting inwardly about your mothers or about parenthood in general. You're gestating artistic or creative things, but you're not yet ready to pop. Sit with it a while.

AQUARIUS. 6 of Wands, reversed. This card can indicate that you're in a cycle of knowing your self-identity, that you're accustomed to being who you are. Your inner growth is on track. For some, this will be comforting. For others, it will be boring as heck. The bored ones will be practising who they want to be after they've unchained themselves from the cycle. There's a reminder to be here now.

PISCES. 3 of Pentacles, reversed. April is about getting a concrete blueprint into place. You're planning and projecting about real-world stuff -- job, money, body, living space, etc. There could be a temptation to get so caught up in the plans that no action ever takes place. Many of you will be clarifying just what it is that makes you feel safe and secure, as well as defining your home turf. It's all about preparedness and groundedness, Pisces.

All good things,


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