By Flash Silvermoon

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Spring is in flower and her aroma fills my nostrils with a most sensuous awakening. With the warmth and the new life blooming everywhere, a global feeling of Hope is reawakened. We come out of the cold and dark and it feels like a brand new day, especially here in North Central Florida. I see my cats lounging in the sun not unlike their larger counterparts, the lions and tigers that I visit regularly at the Sanctuary nearby. You can feel that ancient feline connection to the Sun not unlike the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast or the wild lions and tigers on the savannas or veldt in Africa.

Spending time in nature now is probably one of the single most therapeutic and joyful experiences that we can offer ourselves--not just simply for the beauty, but because it puts us in touch with what is REAL and important. There is nothing more crucial than the preservation of our planet and we are reminded with the energy of the fading Grand Trine in Earth signs how magnificent this world can be. Each flower, each butterfly holds the magic of all Creation within its precious form. My Meyers lemon tree is in full bloom and my daily meditations beside it are filled with an intoxicating fragrance. It is no coincidence that Earth Day is in April.

We start the month as April Fools and of course there is always some genius inside the Fool's journey and patter. Our genius has been severely challenged during much of March by Mercury Retrograde's regressive style that kept issues kind of murky and our flow fraught with obstacles often of our own making.

One wonders, "Who actually has control of my mind" as the volumes of misinformation cascade over the airwaves and we search through alternative sources on line to gather the kernels of Truth available, always culling the wheat from the chaff. If you took the time to sort through and get a good grip on your intellect and your intuition and let them share space equally you will have learned some of the best of this transit. Fortunately, the current test is over with Mercury on April 4 and really the 5th when it finally moves forward allowing our new projects and adventures to fly forward. When Mercury re-enters Aries on April 16 we will see life really FIRE UP!

All transits do have a silver lining if you look more deeply into the energy. We all just get impatient when we can't get what we want when we want it. That impatient factor couldn't be truer since we have also been dealing with a retrograde Mars in Virgo since January and it will finally be moving forward on April 13th so hold on to your hats and head because the thrust of that shift should be quite profound. There has been a restlessness and more snippy critical words during this transit partly because Mars wants to get moving already and Uranus, being in the Mars ruled Aries, is egging everyone on so to speak. This energy from Mars encourages us to find what is dead wood in our life and remove it keeping only that which promotes growth and health. Virgo can be picky about that stuff and its all for the good now.

On April 10, Pluto will take its intensity and move it more internally as it too goes retrograde. In a way, this may be helpful to the world scene because Mars moving forward can let loose the Dogs of War which have been barking at the gate and snarling behind the scenes as their Masters rattle their collective sabers putting the world once again in a precarious place.

Sweet Venus will move from sensual Taurus to heady Gemini on April 4 so lots of change in a little time with personal planets Mercury, Mars and Venus either changing direction or sign and outer planet retro Pluto taking its revolutionary zeal underground for awhile.  Be sure you get your mojo working for love this month because Venus will go retro on May 5. This means that we really need to rock Beltane which can be celebrated on its eve on April 30 which we will do here at Moonhaven in Melrose. May 1, May Day, is also a great day to celebrate and let your passionate impulses move freely. Just sayin' if you need to make your move on the partner of your choice, the month of April should offer you some good times so do not procrastinate. It's not that there will not be any opportunities after the retrograde but the energy flow will be more challenged.

We will experience a most glorious Full Moon in Libra on April 6, none of the more challenging planets will out shine or dampen her light. Whenever we deal with a Full Moon, it opposes the Sun and gives us the opportunity to gain a balance between the signs of the luminaries. In the case of Libra and Aries, we are dealing with gaining the balance between self and other, always an interesting situation, and we are given the light to see the possibilities. Good astrologers do not give up when a hard aspect rears its nasty head rather we find ways to encourage you to use the energy in the most positive ways and there always is a path for that.

Last month and for the coming months we are having major influence from strong Solar Flares, some of the strongest in years and they not only mess with the earth, tectonic plate shifts, tornadoes, tsunamis and the like but they effect us and our animals as well. I have certainly felt this and my dog has been very affected by this also and she is very level usually yet also very sensitive. If your animals are behaving differently, acting scared or nervous this could be the cause.

For both animals and humans, Flower Essences are a good source for healing as are Gem Elixirs and I use and make them. Stones are also a great support at this time particularly those of a more grounding nature like smokey quartz particularly the elestial variety, hematite, carnelian, raw ruby, agate and jasper to name a few. In preparation for these more challenging times, I have made a Gem Elixir called The Shift 2012. I have also created Earth Changes, Aura Cleanse, Lithium Quartz, and the newest, Lemuria Rising. There are others, also. Many are having great results and the animals in the Sanctuaries that I tend to are loving them. They have no scent so they can fly under the radar if need be so you can get in touch with me on my website if you like or at my shop here at Moonhaven in Melrose which is actually the first Rock Shop in the Gainesville area!

The list below is a very fine piece of work that will help you understand if you or your friends or animals are being troubled by some of these symptoms. I offer Denise Le Fay's work to you so that you won't feel crazy or sick. You can read her full article on her link at the bottom of this list.

Here’s a list of some 2012 ascension solar symptoms I’m experiencing and know you are too:

* severe head and skull pains and pressures—not traditional “headaches”

* severe eye pains and pressures, blurred vision, sensitivity to light

* sinus pains, pressures and soreness

* head pains and pressures radiating down into the temples and side jaw area

* constant ringing in the ears

* dizziness, sense of tipping or falling, feeling ungrounded

* exaggerated sense of smell

* ultra-sensitive hearing

* hot flashes, cold flashes

* vivid weird dreams, psychically dreaming other people’s dreams (collective)

* sore, bruised, tender scalp

* hair loss and/or thinning hair

* Crown chakra – top of head pains and pressures

* Brow chakra – forehead pains and pressures

* pain and stiffness in spine

* body and legs/feet swelling and/or fluid retention

* pain in tailbone and hip area

* heart palpitations, heart pounding while at rest

* easily becoming breathless or winded

* exhaustion

* feeling like you only have an 1/8th of a tank of fuel (energy) in you & once it’s gone you’re exhausted again

* seeing brilliant white light or light flares emanating from around your head and/or upper body

* seeing brilliant colored lights or balls of colored light

* increasing knowing over linear thinking

* perception of linear time further disintegrating into increasing spherical “NOW” consciousness

* growing happiness, joy, confidence, peace


January 29, 2012

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The New Moon in Taurus brings that earthy vibe even more into our world. We will need to focus on all the issues that preserving this Mother Earth entails from who owns and pollutes the water, to what can we eat, to where and who do we trust to provide our energy, what do we do with our garbage etc?. What do we value and how will we preserve that? April 22 is Earth Day and was started in 1970, now millions around the world are trying to make a difference in the sustenance of the Planet and its human and animal inhabitants.

On April 23, Uranus and Mercury conjoin to bring brilliant ideas and solutions so be sure to catch the magic in the air and gather up your bright ideas.

April 30 is May Eve and by this time we will be ready for a joyful party and take the time to provide good food and drink of a healing nature to aid in your physical transformation. This can still be delicious because this holiday encourages all aspects of pleasure. 

Blessings and Merry, Merry May Eve All.

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