April Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

Could it be that we are finally feeling hints of Spring's warmth or are we just April Fools...or even both? There are worse things than being foolish and sometimes it takes the wisdom of the fool who will risk it all to truly feel freedom, love, desire or enlightenment! How willing are you to embrace the mysteries of life without having a road map or a guarantee?

You might really want to see how you answer these questions as you will be tested on it later and there are no Cliff Notes for this one!

I am listening to myself as I write these words and thinking that I am sounding so very Uranian, which of course I am and even more these days as Uranus zaps my Sun and Moon with all kinds of exciting and intriguing energies. 

The thing is that that wild car planet is also getting increasingly close to being in Aries which will be a huge shift for all of us.

Being an empath, I tend to feel most trends and up and coming energies ahead of time.

We won't be seeing electric Uranus dancing in Arian flames just yet, but the challenges and the feeling of rebellion is at the very least in the wind.

Rebellion may be in the wind but sweet love could be in the air as Lady Venus slides into her comfort zone in Taurus til the 24th so get your love mojo workin'.

You know those special oils and candles that you have been just saving for a proper occasion,...well break em out and entertain your desires and hers too! This can be a time of erotic and exotic delights so let Love's flames ignite your heart and everywhere else too.

You may need some of your potions and lotions of love because early in the month grumpy Mars may not be speaking too sweetly to Venus more likely wanting to make war than love.

I hate to bring this up right when it was starting to get steamy,but we are coming up to one of those "lovely" Mercury retrograde passages of time from April 18- May 12. No need for panic its really not that bad especially if you let it bring you more inward than out and don't make any major commitments, changes, purchases or new relationships. The problem is that during this time you rarely have all the information needed.If all the aforementioned issues can be OK if they are temporary, not to worry because they surely will be.

So get your new love on before the 18th, {that means you can make some new festie friends...yes!} but after the 18th, cool your jets and proceed with maturity.

It can be a very hard time for electronic machinery and appliances and the big one, COMMUNICATION. Before you go off mad, make sure that you got the information exactly as it was meant and double check important plans and meetings. You know  Murphy's Law so best to be prepared.

There are good things to be done with a retro mercury like clutter clearing, finishing old projects and don;t be surprised if you get a Blast from Your Past or even the return of some once owed money.

On April 20th, Chiron, the Asteroid of the Wounded Healer will finally leave Aquarius for Pisces and make a nice sextile with the Sun just moving into Taurus.

I have a feeling that this change may even usher in the Health Care reforms that we hope for and ideally it will be an improvement by the time all is said and done.

I am also feeling that some kind of Peace initiatives could be  broached however, remember Mercury is retro so it may not evolve or it may crumble by the next retro time.

Remember there is power in prayer, call it what you will,  holding a common positive wish build the thought form into manifestation. We can and do make a difference by what we put out there so spread some good juice around just because and see if that wounded healer in all of us  might not transform the planet into one of Peace and Prosperity.

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