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Tarot Reflections

  March 15, 2005

James Wells

James Wells is a Toronto-based tarot consultant, reiki master, writer, and workshop facilitator/teacher. He has been working, living, and playing with tarot since 1979. His choice-focused, proactive style make him a popular practitioner and presenter, at home and abroad. James's mission is to assist humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.

Please visit James' website: Assisting humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.


The Haindl Tarot deck, by Hermann Haindl, reflects a devotion to nature, multiculturalism, a recognition of the feminine, and the artist's encounters with sacred spirits, ceremonies, and holy teachers. This sumptuous set of cards is the tool for this month's readings. Happy Spring to you!

ARIES. 6 of Wands. Your confidence level is high, so you're able to inspire others through the power of belief in self. Projects go well and you find relief from emotionsl struggles. Regularly scheduled alone time is part of your key to success.

TAURUS. 7 of Swords. The phrases "I am not worthy" and "what's the use?" are soooo unattractive, Taurus. Time to break out of your everyday routine, expand your positive vocabulary, and play with communication tools to get out of the funk. Do not, however, become a mental and social shapeshifter, taking on different personae depending on who's around. People can detect b.s. a mile away!

GEMINI. Mother of Swords (Nut). Such a fascinating balancing act as you attempt to remain firm in your truth AND bend over backwards for others. You become a creature of the night, enjoying the peace and lack of distraction of the nocturnal hours. The sky, stars, and maybe even astrology may be a source of inspiration as you explore the mysteries of life.

CANCER. Ace of Wands, Reversed. Not a good time to take on new outer activities, but it IS good for inner renewal. Chaotic situations require more reflection than action for the time being. Sexual energies are kindled, but remain in the "wish" stage for a while. Many of you could be starting some sort of personal growth programme.

LEO. 9 of Wands, Reversed. You experience a flow of ongoing memories from childhood, so you may feel like slowing down to ponder their significance in your current stage of being. A little bit of sluggishness is nothing serious -- you're just shaking off the final vestiges of winter. A regular routine of tai chi, yoga, or energy healing may be in order.

VIRGO. Hermit. Your natural attention to detail and "slow and steady wins the race" is on overdrive, Virgo. A getaway or retreat is calling out to you -- the buried treasures within you long to shine now. A wise teacher, guide, or therapist could be there for you. For many of you, wisdom will come through a richer connection with nature and Her elements. You're maturing.

LIBRA. Empress. You sexy thang! Sensuality, love, and passion are on your mind and in your life. Your nurturing side makes an appearance. Just be sure it doesn't become smother mothering. Like the Virgo people, your relationship with nature is strong. A love of plants, soil, trees, etc. keeps you grounded and nourished.

SCORPIO. Ace of Swords. New opportunities for learning and/or teaching abound. Some of you could even be enrolling in courses or seminars. Your mind is clear and you cut through the bovine excrement to get to the truth. Remember to do so with humility and compassion, lest the sword of truth become the sword of judgement. Adopting a new lifestyle and fresh communication skills keeps you on top.

SAGITTARIUS. 3 of Stones. Your work bring great satisfaction, probably because you planned ahead. Clever you! You're learning the value of teamwork, both in intimate relationships and in professional circles. It's a good idea to project ahead a bit regarding resources (income) and expenses (outgo). Someone lauds your accomplishments -- hooray!

CAPRICORN. Daughter of Cups (Brigid), Reversed. There's sense of you relinquishing the guardianship of something you've looked after for some time, perhaps connected with family patterns or cultural heritage. Your capacity for self-healing is good, especially on the emotional level. Taking intuitive risks is a good thing at this time. A behind-the-scenes liaison could prove to be too much of a gamble. Is it worth it?

AQUARIUS. Strength. Good health prevails, so you're able to be a tower of strength for yourself and others. You're in a flow of energy and power -- raw, untamed, and creative. Shamanic experiences, power animals, and relationship with the animal commonwealth are all here too. Any restlessness you're going through can be alleviated through dance, yoga, ritual, or long hikes. Enjoy the life-force as it courses through your body!

PISCES. Chariot, Reversed. While outside circumstances might seem to be in a tailspin, at least you've got your psychological and spiritual life in order. You're a behind-the-scenes warrior for a good cause. Others may perceive you as "weak", because they're clueless about your subtle efforts. So what if you're a little outside the fence? You're "building the ark" for yourself and your own survival. For some, this card could indicate travel delays. Just chill.

All good things,


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