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By Flash Silvermoon

Water, water everywhere as we descend or perhaps ascend into the mystical waves of Neptune and Pisces.  We begin the month with 4 planets in Pisces including slow movers Neptune and asteroid Chiron. The latter planets are certainly providing us with the overall sense of fluctuation that we are feeling.  The light side of Neptune can offer us deeper more profound visions than any other planet and can elevate our spirits to the highest dimensions. As a double Pisces, I do feel as though a long yet unknown thirst has been quenched and my psychic work has gotten deeper and more profound.  I am even enjoying my work with people and animals more, which is a lot.

For those who like their world very tidy and hate to have to color outside the lines or have too much freedom, this energetic pattern can be unsettling. In a way, so much has shaken loose with the beginnings of the Uranus/Pluto square that those who may have started their path to liberation under these aspects are experiencing a "free fall feeling" now. For some that much freedom can be terrifying.

For example, someone can be stuck inside a bad marriage or job and tolerate a slow death of boredom, pain or abuse for maybe 20 years or even 7 years these days and finally they decide to break their chains and leave the in tolerable situation. First there is the elation of moving away from the bad situation and then......WHAT? They are now free to choose a path and that can be very scary for some and is part of the reason that they were stuck in the first place! Hard for me to understand being Uranian and Neptunian in nature, but some people don't like having choices! 

Because these planets are strong in my chart, I am feeling tossed back and forth by these 2 distant yet powerful luminaries.

Not everyone responds well to being in transition, not having a clear boundary as to where  to take that next step while for others this can feel like a grand adventure. Either way, we are all in transition energetically whether we like it or not. I suggest those that are feeling the fear, strap on a kind of "spiritual life jacket" and become a swimmer and you will begin to feel some of the more soothing energies of Neptune. [ There goes my Uranian "just do it" style]

This can be a time that tests one's Faith and it can also be a time of deepening your sense of belonging to a greater whole.

As Uranus blew into Aries last year many of us became aware of what we are NOT as Uranus divides and separates, calling attention to what is unique. Sometimes this could manifest as you're becoming separated from your job or home because of an economic structure that is in a state of revolution. The 1% has been creating a situation in which it is becoming more and more detached [Uranus] from the rest of the people and for many that care to be observant, this is very unpopular.

Some of the 99% rebel and get into the streets world wide and raise all kinds of hell as they feel excluded from ever getting even a nibble of that old carrot, The American Dream.

Some of that group rebel against the inequity carrying the Uranus in Aries flag with a spirit of high adventure and begin to discover ways of having true participatory Democracy within their ranks. Some join just to join something, to be swept up in the Neptunian Wave where the edges get blurred and at least they belong to something that resonates in their souls.

Others stay numb [also Neptunian] and hope all this Change stuff will just go away, I will call them the Slow - mos as they want everyone to move slowly, so they can shuffle along living life as they have known it, dull perhaps even painful but predictable. Uranian energy however will not be deferred and will find a way to erupt even in the most conservative of minds and we can see the creation of the "Scapegoat" i.e., gays, people of color, "illegal aliens" etc. These folks must be ejected from their midst as if they are as contaminated as the Gulf Waters and then their narrow little pond will be quiet and fine.As you can see these planets are neither right or wrong, left or right rather they represent a kind of energy.

Whenever an outer planet like Neptune changes sign, we can expect major changes in our socio - political landscape as well as the landscape itself. Neptune has been in and out of Pisces over the last year as well as the Asteroid Chiron also known as the Planet of the Wounded Healer. During that time we experienced the Gulf Coast Gusher which, counter to what BP would have you think, has ruined the Gulf Seafood industry and so much more.Neptune along with being extremely Spiritual, can be extremely deceptive.

The lies, cover-ups and mis-information just about this disaster alone are shocking.

The last 14 years with Neptune in Aquarius we had our share of deceptions and some of the later events occurred while Neptune slipped in and out of Pisces as the slippery spin doctors did their dastardly dance on our lives and rights. Astrologer Eric Francis said, "I am concerned about how and why we have taken some of the greatest con jobs in modern history so casually: fake wars, stolen elections, massive systemic heists of public funds, by the people who are charged with guarding them." It is my sincere hope that we can manifest the best that these planets have to offer by not being fooled again!

Neptune also rules the Entertainment business because it manifests and capitalizes on our dreams, fears and fantasies. It is no wonder also that those who become a part of that industry can also be swept up in the undertow of drugs and alcohol which are also Neptunian. Illusion is a very Neptunian word and sadly these performers are or at least feel forced to maintain the illusion of being FINE even if they are dying right in front of us. Hence the need for drugs, deathly diets, no sleep, loss of family and friends...whatever it takes to keep up the illusion of this death machine that devours its own.

As you might imagine, I am in deep grief with the newest casualty to the culture vultures, Ms Whitney Houston! As I write the word casualty, I find it to be a stunning message about how casually we have come to accept these deaths. She follows a long list of sensitive people who were devoured by the music machine-- Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and so many more that we know and will never know. When executives tell you that you are worth more dead, as they did to Chaka Khan several years ago, and you see the prices on Whitney's CD's go up 1/2 hour after her death hit the news, I think that the evidence is obvious and disgusting. Are these deaths to be considered murders? I don't doubt it with Michael and surely with John Lennon and Janis Joplin but there is plenty of blame to go around with many others not the least of which falls to pop culture.

OK this Pisces just got swept up into a Neptunian whirlpool and will swim to the safety of the Full Moon in earthy Virgo on March 8. Virgo is opposite the sign of Pisces and just in case you haven't noticed, the Full Moon is always in the opposite sign of the Sun. With all the Piscean energy present, we will feel a distinct strong pull on our energies as we try to accommodate both energies. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury which rules our mental and communication skills and we may feel our nerves frayed because retro Mars will be slipping by La Luna as she becomes full. Watch your words  as they may return to bite you especially with retro mercury coming right up!

Ah yes, dear little Mercury Retrograde, you subtly slid by my watch last time but I got ya now. As my readers know this can be a challenging time to get things accomplished and basically you want to have anything that needs to fly forward completed by a day or so before March 11 as other wise you are asking for an uphill fight. If you don't care about a job or relationship being temporary go right ahead, but if you are seeking permanence best to wait until April 5 when Mercury once again moves forward.

With Mars still moving retrograde in Mercury ruled Virgo, we are being invited to use our mental energies in the most constructive ways. In the words of the great Bob Marley in his Redemption Song, " Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.." This is the job at hand for all of us to keep our thoughts positive, clear and focused on what we do want and also to keep our intellect from becoming a dominatrix over our intuitive side. In Patriarchy that is how it is supposed to work mimicking the domination of women but with the strong presence of Neptune in our lives both women and men will need to give our intuition a wider berth to make the most of the psychic gifts that we will be offered.

On the 13th, Venus and Jupiter will be conjoining and in addition they will  form a trine to Pluto on that same day. With all the other retro planets in place, I can see where this will be a memorable day on many counts. Personally this could really open up a relationship and or create some real fireworks too. Wall Street should show some kind of a major event unless of course it is shrouded in secrecy. There could be a false flag event on or before this day and our economics may well seem to expand and then sink.

Since lies and or mis-information created the Iraq War, and the strength of a new planetary shift often manifests strongly in the beginning, we may see some "event" created to push us into a war with Iran, so keep your ear to the ground as you will not likely get the truth on network TV. The Revolution may well be Televised but as for the rest, who knows.

Get ready for the Ides of March on March 15 when we will enjoy a Grand Trine in Earth signs including Jupiter conjoined with sister Venus, which is trine [harmonius aspect] Mars which is trine Pluto with the Moon closing in on Pluto later in the day. This is a very "can do" kind of aspect and each part reinforces the other in terms of positive energy and enthusiasm. This is a time  when we're apt to push the envelope of our reserves and we might just pull it off. Venus and Jupiter will be playing footsie for most of the month so absolutely Make Love Not War as love should be abundantly available particularly the sensuous kind with both Venus and Jupiter still lounging around in Taurus.

As we approach the Equinox on March 20 at 1:15 AM EST we can feel the power building for forward motion with so many planets in Aries leading to the New Moon in Aries  on the 22nd. When Mars  opposes Chiron we may see some kind of accident or spill that further damages our beloved waters. Hopefully the truth will be told but do not count on it. 

We are being coaxed from within to take a stand and make choices to be the Amazon Warriors for what we truly believe and there will be many opportunities to test our mettle. 

We are being asked not to drink the "kool aid." and instead to make sure that everyone has pure cool water to quench their thirst.

Unfortunately with Mercury, Saturn and especially Mars in retrograde at this time the movement will likely be more of a sputter than a zoom. Patience will be needed during this time and redirecting the energy so that we can use what is available to clean up our baggage and past issues so that we can go flying into our next cycle unencumbered.

Retrogrades or not, Spring is here and the flowers will bloom and the sap will rise within and all about so enjoy the spirit of new beginnings as is the season and prepare to be in full swing next month. Great time for Spring Clutter Cleaning to make room for the new as you will undoubtedly have many new gifts to enjoy by the end of Magical March!

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