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March.  One month left before income taxes are due in the U.S.  For those of us who have been subjected to winter's weather at its worst, the end is in sight (cold or hot!  Our thoughts go out to our friends in Australia that have been subjected to fire storms!)!  In the U.S., it's time to start planning gardens (if not already doing so) and thinking about upcoming spring and summer events.  Do some mental and/or spiritual spring cleaning now and be ready to have fun when the weather is nice again.  If you are under many inches of snow, or the weather is not fit to be out in, take time out and read that book you've been putting off because you haven't had time to read it.  If you are a collector of Tarot decks, go to your collection, close your eyes and pick something you haven't used in awhile (or ever) and get to know it.  Treat yourself to that new deck you've been thinking about, or get to know the deck that you won in the February contest, like we are sure our winner is doing right now!

Congratulations, Matthew from Michigan, USA!!!

Matthew chose the Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding, published by Schiffer Books, for his correct answer of the Moon card from the Transparent Tarot in last month's contest.

We've got another great issue for you this month!  Melanie Harris has another fantastic interview, Jeanne Fiorini, Terri C, Leann Lester, Gary Meister and Adrienne Abeyta are also back with their columns, along with Cheryl Hill, who we are delighted to have aboard!  Enjoy this month's issue!

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