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Tarot Reflections

 March 1, 2004

Mysterious Musings

Madame Athame is a mysterious will-o-the-wisp who offers tongue-in-cheek readings that are meant to be taken as such. They are by no means a lesson in how to read the tarot for real clients.

Warning: If you are humor-impaired, the Reiki Master General strongly advises you not to read Madame Athame's column.


Q: Dear Madame Athame,

I'm a good person who leads a pretty quiet life. I don't upset the apple-cart and I try to be friendly. So, how come I miss out on every opportunity, whether romantic, work-related, travel-related, or whatever? The chances just seem to pass me right by. I must be behind the eight-ball. What's up?


Donna Nobbis Paysem


A: Dear Donna,

Your letter verged on whining. That makes me crazy. But we all deserve a lucky break, so here's some insight.

1) Why does Donna miss all of these opportunities ?

9 of WANDS, Reversed.
You don't have the backbone or intestinal fortitude to go out and create opportunities. You'd rather wait for them to come to you, then wallow in your wounds when that doesn't happen.

2) What great opportunity should Donna keep her eyes peeled for over the next three months?

Behold, in the middle of the night, an angel of the Most High shall appear unto thee and shall call thee by name. Thou shalt rise from thy bed and wonder what manner of greeting this might be. And verily shall the angel say unto thee, "OK, chicky-poo, get off your lazy glutes and DO something - anything !" In other words, my dear, your greatest opportunity is one you make for yourself. Do it!


Madame Athame



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