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Tarot Reflections

  February 2006

James Wells

James Wells is a Toronto-based tarot consultant, reiki master, writer, and workshop facilitator/teacher. He has been working, living, and playing with tarot since 1979. His choice-focused, proactive style make him a popular practitioner and presenter, at home and abroad. James's mission is to assist humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.

Please visit James' website: Assisting humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.


I've been re-reading The Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual by Strephon Kaplan Williams. On page 317, he makes a marvelous statement: "A symbol is a question, not an answer." I couldn't agree more. Blanket statements limit us whereas open-ended questions open us up to rich possibilities. In that spirit, this month's tarot-scopes contain questions to ask yourself based on the card pulled for your sun sign. Use them for journaling or meditation. Ask them aloud in a wisdom circle. Let the questions open up your curiosity about your fuller potential.

ARIES. 5 of Swords, reversed. What beliefs might I need to change? How can I challenge the unspoken rules? What is it that shakes up my faith, and why? What constructive shifts could I make in the way I talk to myself?

TAURUS. Ace of Wands, upright. To what new image am I giving birth? Who do I wish I could be, and why? How can I begin to be more independent? What fresh role(s) could I take on in order to stay energised?

GEMINI. Justice, upright. How can I create and/or maintain equilibrium in my life? How am I, or am I not, demonstrating fairness to others? What can I do to ensure reciprocal give and take? How can I clear up legal matters?

CANCER. Wheel of Fortune, reversed. What am I initiating, or what could I initiate, behind the scenes? How can I remain in tune with inner patterns and cycles? What is the source of my inner joy? What subtle effects do my thoughts create?

LEO. 9 of Wands, reversed. How can I maintain my process of inner growth? What aspects of my psyche are being integrated? How can I keep up a child-like spirit? How can I keep the life-force flowing through me?

VIRGO. Judgement, upright. What rite of passage am I going through at this time? How can I show the world that I'm growing up? What fresh stage of life am I moving into? What steps can I take this month to liberate myself?

LIBRA. 10 of Swords, upright. What contact do I need to put on hold? What communication style do I need to assess, and why? What sort of learning or teaching do I need a break from? How can I get time-out from my usual schedule?

SCORPIO. Knight of Wands, upright. How can I get more enthused about who I am? Which particular role is it important for me to focus on right now? How would I describe the journey to myself thus far? How can I create more "me time" this month?

SAGITTARIUS. 8 of Wands, upright. How can I conserve my energy this month? In what ways do I allow people to limit me, and why? What are my most important personal boundaries? How can I keep my fiery temper to a minimum?

CAPRICORN. Strength, upright. How can I remain physically fit? Which of my actions demonstrates just how strong I really am? How can I survive this month constructively? What is my connection to animals and nature, and what does it teach me?

AQUARIUS. Ace of Cups, reversed. What psychic or intuitive talent is beginning to show itself? How can I initiate deeper, soul-based intimacy in my important relationship(s)? How can I begin a process of healing or recovery? What new dreams and visions are presenting themselves to me, and what might they be telling me?

PISCES. Emperor, reversed. How can I, or how do I, empower myself. What entrepreneurial ventures would be good for me this month? What message does my Inner Father have for me at this time? What does "power" mean to me?

All good things,


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