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By Flash Silvermoon

My, my, February does blow in with much Aquarian splendor. February 2 is an Aquarian New Moon which should really get the energies stirred up! The magical Holy Day of Imbolc, also called Candlemas, and Brigid's Day is celebrated on Feb 2. This is a passionate fire festival and it is a most important night for LOVE MAGIC and this night will be one for the books in that department.

Bust out some red candles if you dare or pink ones if you want to play it safer or even white for a clean slate and draw a fine new love to you. Brigid's fires will light the way for you and your beloved.

Sharing the moonlight on Feb 2 will be the Sun and Mars all at 13 degrees of Aquarius with Asteroid Ceres nearby for good measure. As if this won't sufficiently pump up the volume on your love mojo, Venus will be doing the square dance with Uranus which could give a decided twist to the vibe and could bring some real surprises your way.

You just never know what can come flying in when Venus and Uranus engage. Air travel also could be dicey should anyone be traveling.

Just to make sure that we don't take it too far, Saturn will be lurking about just looking to tone everything down and remind us about rules and regulations.

I am betting on some real gains for Women's Rights during this month and some fascinating alliances behind the scenes.

February is really a great month for Love because it begins with Imbolc and smack in the middle is the Feast of Aphrodite which Euro/styled pagans celebrate for a week and is also the holiday that became Christianized into St. Valentine's Day. FYI old Valentine was not such a Saint and kind of bloodthirsty, however, for some bizarre reason, living in the Patriarchy we only celebrate our Passion for a day and it is named after this dude.

If you are of the Yoruba (West African) tradition, or a person of color, and want to celebrate a non-European deity at this time, you could celebrate the Orisha (Goddess) Oshun/Osun and she has her own festival dates at other points in the year.

So Aphrodite, Oshun, or Valentine, this is a great time to explore your feelings about relationships. Is it time to dust off the cobwebs of relationship "bed death" and find your fire again? Is it time to take a break and stop the roller coaster of dysfunctional partners and contemplate what you really need and then be prepared to wait until your soul mate shows up, or is it time to pull out all the stops and go for your heart's desire?

V Day itself may have more airy energy than flame with the Aquarian planetary pile up and Gemini moon so be prepared to find ways to celebrate that engage the mind and spirit as well as the body. Poetry, cards, an Astrology or Tarot reading (see the Feb. specials on my website), or a date that you and your partner would appreciate as something unusual or even downright kinky would surely fit the mood on Feb 14. Just remember that you have at least a week to fully explore and express your passions for the Feast of Aphrodite so the sky's the limit!

Hey what about a hot air balloon ride with strawberries dipped in chocolate and the beverage of your choice?

The Full Moon in Leo on February 18 will be a time of some mixed energies. Tthere is no more festive Full Moon than Leo, I mean people will jump out of their sick bed to party  when this moon is full. I learned the hard way not to throw a bid deal with a Virgo Full Moon then if folks are sick, have homework, need to see their sick aunt, they will do the sensible thing, with Leo, uh uh it's time to see and be seen. What a way to culminate this Aphrodesian revelry!

However, Leo is not the only flavor of the Full Moon as Saturn makes a square (hard aspect) to Venus throwing a serious cast to the party. With the Sun, Neptune, and Mars all cuddled up in late Aquarius, confusion and some aggressive energies could throw a monkey wrench into your most romantic plans. Chiron right next door in Pisces will join Neptune to watrer down the fire which with Mars could create steam or a most steamy encounter if you are able to go deep and be fearless with your emotions.

When you have such a mix it is good if you can find a way to integrate these facets into your day which can be hard but it is doable. Think of these planets as a family that all need a seat at the table and need to be heard. Not for the heophyte but give it a try if you are up to the challenge.

With such an Aquarian overlay for the month I can see great possibilities for sharing of information, perhaps more wiki leaks, perhaps even some bipartisan politicians working together for a change for the good of the planet. "You may call me a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..." Yes my Piscean Aquarian self does hope for the best and really if you can't vision it, it is hard to create it and I am all about creating and manifesting a higher way of being in this world.

From February 21 to March 2, fiery Jupiter in Aries will be making a square to ever earthly Pluto in Capricorn during which time we could see major changes in the global corporate picture with anything from generosity from that world-- like billionaires' offerings, to inflation, to attempts to make the New World Order more ensconced in the national picture.

Over all this feels like a time of great polarity where those who seek to heal the planet take great strides towards that endeavor and the might makes right folks with nothing but greed and power in their sites will also rise to the occasion to protect and dig their collective heels in as they see the death throes of a culture that can bring nothing but destruction in its wake. Whose side will you be on? I suggest in the interest of enlightened self interest that we all jump on the Heal the Planet Band Wagon and RAISE THE VIBE FOR THE TRIBE!!

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